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2326231 - What's a sync folder and how do I configure it?


What's a sync folder and how do I configure it?


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Roambi account administrators can define a Roambi sync folder in the Roambi file system. A sync folder allows content to be automatically downloaded and synchronized on user's mobile devices. When enabled, any Roambi files stored in a sync folder will be downloaded to the mobile device automatically, for users that have access and permission to that folder AND Roambi file. Sync folders provide an easy mechanism for keeping data up-to-date on mobile devices, without requiring users to manually download newer versions of the Roambi file or delete files that are no longer relevant. To enable a Roambi sync folder, follow these steps:

  1. Login as an administrator to your Roambi account
  2. Navigate to the administration console by accessing the "Administration" button from the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Roambi home screen
  3. Navigate to the appropriate Roambi folder in the "Library" section
  4. Tap the "i" icon to expose the folder detail screen
  5. Tap the "Sync Folder" toggle switch
  6. This folder is now enabled as a sync folder and content will automatically download on mobile devices for users that have access to that folder
  7. To view a list of all sync folders configured in your Roambi file system, tap the "Sync Folders" button in the Roambi Library section

Additional Notes:

  • Any new Roambi files stored in a sync folder will be downloaded automatically to a user's mobile device.
  • When a Roambi is deleted from a sync folder, it will also be deleted from a user's mobile device.
  • Users must have access to the sync folder AND Roambi file for synchronization to occur.
  • Mobile users have the option to enable or disable additional sync folders on their device. This functionality is provided as a preference to the mobile user but will not affect sync folders that are configured from the Roambi administration console.
  • If a mobile user decides to disable a sync folder on their mobile device, further synchronization will stop on that mobile device.
  • **please note...Sync only activates when the Roambi app is 'launched'**


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