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2326110 - How do I configure the Roambi for Internal Distribution app?


How do I configure the Roambi for Internal Distribution app?


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Roambi for Internal Distribution is a special version of the Roambi applications (Analytics and Flow), specifically designed for MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) systems. Roambi for Internal Distribution allows Roambi accounts to utilize a customized version of the Roambi applications, to be distributed from an internal app store, as opposed to the publicly available app stores.

This article describes the configuration required to connect your Roambi Cloud account with your customized version of Roambi for Internal Distribution.


  1. A Roambi Cloud account that supports Roambi for Internal Distribution apps.
  2. A Roambi application created using the Roambi Customs tool.
  3. Administrator access to the Roambi Cloud account

 Only Roambi account administrators can configure Roambi for Internal Distribution for their organization's Roambi account. To configure Roambi for Internal Distribution, follow these steps:

  1. Login as an administrator to your Roambi account
  2. Navigate to the administration console by accessing the "Administration" button from the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Roambi home screen
  3. Navigate to the "Applications" section in the administration console
  4. Tap on the appropriate application to configure Roambi for Internal Distribution
  5. Scroll to the "Available Applications" and tap "Internal Distribution"
  6. Tap the toggle switch to "Enable Internal Distribution"
  7. Tap on the appropriate Platform, for which you are trying to configure

    NOTE: Roambi for Internal Distribution is not supported for all operating systems and platforms. For more information on configuring the default application for each platform and disabling the the public app store version, see the "Related Articles" at the bottom of this page. 

  8. Input the required fields for your Internal Distribution application.

    NOTE: The values below must also match that of your generated application using the Roambi Customs tool.

    Application URL Scheme The URL scheme allows the application to be launched from a URL, such as a sharing link or invitation. Ensure the URL scheme is unique to your application and will not conflict with any other installed application on the target platform.
    Download URL The URL location where end-users can download the application e.g. link to internal app store. 
    Application ID A uniquely generated ID for your custom application.
    Secret A uniquely generated secret used for communication between your custom application and your Roambi cloud account.

  9. Tap "Done" and your Roambi for Internal Distribution application will be configured to work with your Roambi Cloud account.

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