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2325999 - What is SuperList and how to use it


  • What is SuperList and how to use it
  • Introduction of Superlist
  • Superlist limitation


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SuperList is the ultimate user experience in viewing a spreadsheet on a mobile device - letting you smoothly navigate through rows while keeping titles in place. SuperList provides a suite of powerful options including sorting, filtering, column reordering, and instant charts.

Best Used With

  • List of unique key values
  • Multiple metric columns (point-in-time)
  • Additional dimension columns to filter
  • No hierarchies or subtotals
  • Lists of customer, products, employees

Data Format


Build Your SuperList

After importing your data, the Roambi SuperList view will be automatically configured and ready to publish. To further customize your SuperList view or make changes, tap the "Choose Your Columns" button on the left.


There are two dimensions and fields that can be configured.

The Key Column defines the column that is anchored on the left of the SuperList. By default, Roambi selects the first column from your data source file. You may define only one (1) key column in Roambi SuperList.


The Columns is a list of object list that you choose to display in the table.

Click the columns to include or exclude each one from the table as follows:

  • ON. When included in the report, the column is highlighted and a checkmark appears. For this lesson, leave all the columns ON.
  • OFF. When excluded from the report, the column is not highlighted and no checkmark appears.


Comparisons defines the list of indicators and KPIs to be compared. Any measure can be used in a comparison, and Roambi also provides some out of box aggregation methods for you to create aggregated measures.

Additionally, you can configure the number of text rows for the column header in Roambi SuperList. The default is two.


SuperList Limitations

Key Columns

In the SuperList View there is only one Key Column.

Body Columns In Roambi Publisher, a body column displays up to 30 characters, any remaining characters are truncated. On the mobile device, a body column displays up to 29 characters, with the remaining characters truncated.
Filtering For the SuperList View the column must be a string and no more than 100 distinct values.


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