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2325966 - Roambi Crashes when launching the app or opening a report.


When launching the app or opening a report, Roambi closes suddenly.


Roambi Analytics


The application may crash for a variety of reasons, which can either be report specific, or universal to all reports.  This can include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Corrupt installation of Roambi Analytics on the device
  • Corrupt report file (RBI) generated from the server
  • Problem with the source file connected to the RBI
  • Conflict with the auto-refresh or sync behavior
  • Issue with the backend BI Portal
  • Permissions issue


There are a few things to try first when you encounter a crash:

  1. Delete the problem report from the device and download it again
  2. Kill the Roambi app from the device app-switcher and launch it again
  3. Disable sync folders and test
  4. Re-install the Roambi Analytics app on the device


If the above suggestions do not resolve the issue and the app continues to crash, you can submit a support case.  Here are a few details that you should provide:

  • What are the exact steps you took that led up to the crash?
  • What is your iOS version and Roambi Analytics version?
  • Is this the only report that you are unable to open that causes the crash?
  • Can others open the same report successfully?
  • What type of Roambi View is the report created from? (eg. CataList, Layers, etc.)
  • What is the data source of that Roambi report/RBI ?
  • Is Auto-refresh or Manual-Refresh enabled on the device?
  • Is sync folders enabled?

You can also provide the crash report.  Here's how to get it.:

1. Sync your iPad to iTunes on your computer.
2. Find the crash log in the following path:

Mac -

Windows 7 -
C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter/MobileDevice/<DEVICE_NAME>


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