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2308472 - Pre-b1608 Release EC2MDF Migration - Duplicate Person Data Clean-up


Why am I being contacted?

As part of our Pre-b1608 Release EC2MDF Migration exercise, SAP SuccessFactors Development Engineering have been worked to check data consistency, prior to our next round of EC2MDF Migrations (which will include Person data). Engineering have been checking (though non-invasive checks) the validity of Data in instances, to ensure that the EC2MDF Phase 5 Migration in b1608 is executed with little to no impact to our customers.

Engineering have identified that in some instances, there are two or more records in a "1 record per user" table, indicating data duplication. The data inconsistency was likely created during implementation Go Live and any gap which may have allowed the creating of these duplicates in the past has since been resolved.



Reproducing the Issue

Unable to reproduce the creation of duplicate Person data


SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support are working with Development Engineering to identify and delete any duplicate Person data that is identified by Development Engineerings checks. As this is duplicate data, there would be no actual impact in deleting the duplicated row(s) of data from an instance.

Please note however - this is not a task we can perform without Customer Approval, hence why you received an incident raised by SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support, to alert you to the fact that there currently exists duplicate Person data in the Database for the instance the Support Incident was opened against.

Please note, the Person Data we refer to is currently not reportable or accessible via the Web UI. It is a system table that is being migrated to MDF, as part of the EC2MDF migration.

Engineering have provided a brief overview of the issue and the consequences of taking no action here -:

Issue  :
* The main issue is with two or more records in the PER_PERSON table having same person_id_external but different person_id which is a corrupt state since person_id_external is supposed to be unique .
* Now at the most only one of the records can be a valid.

Development Engineering Validation :
* Development Engineering will be working (over the coming months) to identify duplicated records and delete them.
* Based on Development Engineerings scripts, the team are able to identify that there are some records with duplicate person_id_external among which some of them have records either only in EMP_EMPLOYMENT_INFO or  USER_ACCOUNT  and hence can be deleted

Consequences of not proceeding with the correction :
* Post EC2MDF migration, the person_id will become internal_id and person_id_external  will become external_code of the MDF object .
* There is a constraint on the GENERIC_OBJECT_T (MDF) table based on the external_code and hence any duplicate person_id_external records will block the EC2MDF migration which is deployed in the b1608 release.

Our next step is to ask that you acknowledge this incident and allow SAP SuccessFactors to remove the invalid/duplicate rows of Person data, for the noted instance. Development Engineering will take a backup of the Database Table in question before running any scripts, to ensure that if any issues are encountered, we can roll-back without any issues. Please note that no "action" scripts will be run on your instance without your knowledge and approval.

Please could you acknowledge the reciept of this incident, and let us know whether you have any questions. Once acknowledged, we will be engaging with Engineering and start the process off which would be as follows -:

Next Steps :
1) Cloud Product Support will request Development Engineering to provide a list of all targeted duplicate/invalid records (if available)
2) Cloud Product Support will provide the list to you the customer (if available), and request that you review and verify SAP SuccessFactors Development Engineering can proceed with running a DB script to expunge the invalid ID's from the system, and provide approval via the Support Incident, to proceed with the deletion.
3) Confirmation will be provided that the script is completed and the incident will be moved to Solution Provided.
4) You will be asked to Confirm that there are no issues, or use the Send Back option to ask any further questions in relation to the Incident topic.


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