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  • What is Contractual Maintence Window (CMW)?
  • How does SAP Successfactors deliver code changes and fixes ?
  • What is the difference between patch release and major release ?
  • One of the issues I reported has resulted in Engineering making change to the code. What does SAP Successfactors consider when deciding how and when the fix will be released ?
  • How can I find out which issues were fixed during the latest patch ? And what are the future upcoming patch dates ?


SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite


  • Contractual Maintenance Window (CMW) which is the downtime to execute any maintenance activity on the systems like - hot fixing, upgrade, housekeeping, restarts etc. This would be approved by the customer directly when signing of the SuccessFactors contract. 


  • Code change affects all customers on all datacenters.
    For this reason, changes needs to be assessed for risks, as well as validated by our QA Engineering team before they are released to productive environments.
    This is a strict and rigorous process, whereby none of the steps can be circumvented.

  • A code change will be released either via a patch, or during one of our major releases. The choice between either of these options depends on the criteria below.

    1. Major release. 
      Typical QA testing 4-5 weeks.
      Typically, fixes resulting from low and medium impact incidents are delivered in major releases, at the same time as new features.
      There are 4 major releases scheduled per calendar year. 
      Risk: low. Since this schedule allows for more robust regression testing, the risk of introducing new issues is greatly minimised.

    2. Patch release.
      Typical QA testing 3-5 days.
      Only high business impact incidents / fixes can be considered as patch candidates. However this does not mean that all of the fixes will be included in patches.
      (See KBA
      2287393 for details about the business impact statement and how it can help us prioritize your issues.)
      Code fixes deployed to Production via patches typically go out during specific maintenance release windows, every two weeks.
      Risk: high. Short turnaround patch testing can lead to additional regressions or risk, noting that patches go into all data centers and affect all customers.

  • How can I find out which issues were fixed during the latest patch? And what are the upcoming patch dates?
  1. For patch schedule see community Patch Schedule 
  2. For Quarterly Release schedule see community Quarterly Release 

Customer Notification:

  • Impact notifications for Change, release major upgrades and patching are sent out when a change is potential service disruption (PSD) for Production System Only. Successfactors Lead Time of customer notification is 5 days where possible. 

For more details on these communications see KBA 2115584 - Add or remove a user from e-mail notifications for downtime, outages, data center maintenance, or release information - SuccessFactors


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