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2283719 - Opening and Closing Balances for Trial Balance not Zero when Exporting to MS Excel


You call the Trial Balance report spanning over 2 Fiscal Years. All Debit/Credit entries tally in summation as expected.
Aggregating all accounts Opening Balance and Ending Balance result in 0,00 LC (Local Currency) in  the Application UI. 
A summation of all Opening Balances and Ending Balances however - results in negative or positive aggregated values deviating from the 0,00 LC Result as shown in the Trial Balance Report when viewing the report in MS Excel.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to General Ledger work center.
  2. Navigate to Reports view and List.
  3. Choose Trial Balance report or the technical Report ID FINGLAU01_Q0001.
  4. Define suitable Company and Set of Books settings.
  5. For Accounting Period/Year choose a range spanning over 2 Fiscal Years (e.g. [July.2015 .. July.2016 ]).
  6. Use the Download function and Report in Microsoft Excel® in XML Format.


The Trial Balance shows the Opening Balance Result as aggregation of all Debit/Credit-Transactions for all accounts of the first contained accounting period.

Accordingly - the Closing Balance Result represents the aggregation of all Debit/Credit-Transactions for all accounts of the last accounting period contained in the report.

Following the Trial Balance logic that Debit/Credit-Transactions have to tally for a chosen time-frame, Opening Balance and Closing Balance will show as 0,00 LC in the application.

This can be best illustrated by pulling the attribute Accounting Period/Year in first position in the report's columns before exporting to MS Excel.

In case it has not been conducted, the Balance Carryforward is simulated for the previous Fiscal Year 2015 in the Trial Balance Report. Hence these differences usually show for Profit & Loss Accounts and Annual Net Income/Net Loss.

This deviates from a conventional summation of all Opening- and Closing Balances for the selected range in MS-Excel applying default report-settings.


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