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2281914 - Top 10 reason why competencies does not appear using Job Profile Builder (JPB) - Employee Profile


The article an overview of the most common causes why competencies (using Job Profile Builder) fail to populate into forms or some are missing, or the wrong ones are populated.


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Configuration issue > Template issue / Permission (no view permission on Role/Competencies)

KBA 2228855 - JDM 2.0 Job Specific competencies not showing in PM form

See also for further information on PM configuration issue: 2086613 - Top 10 Reasons Competencies Not Showing in Form - Competencies


Actual behaviour with Job Profile Builder

KBA 2240071 - Job Profile Builder: Competencies mapped with behaviors are not appearings in forms

Job profile Builder does not support behavior mapping (was supported previously in JDM);

Inactive competencies are still appearing in the form: Currently when changing the status from active to inactive in JPB it will not change the competency Flag. There is no straight forward relationship between competency Flag in JDM 1.0 and status in JPB, because in JDM 1.0 the competency Flag could be Edit/Read_Only/Hidden and some other values like fixed library or master. However in JPB the status can only be active and inactive.

Competency discrepancy: If the competency do not have one language values (for example en_US locale value), and such competency is mapped to one role in JDM 1.0, then do the migration, the mapped competency will not be migrated to JPB. So if the competencies mapped to target role do not have the language value > after the migration from JDM1.0 to JPB the role competency mapping disappeared in JPB.


Sync issue related to Data coming from Job Description manager to Job Profile Builder

KBA 2276692 - Clarification on Migration option from JDM to JPB

Background information about this sync function: when JPB was first implemented, other modules (like PM, CDP, SM, etc) did not had the resources to do integration with JPB, so a sync from JPB to JDM 1.0 was created to make sure all of the changes could be available for other modules. This way, after the data sync back to JDM 1.0, other modules can still use existing function to get JDM data.

Which objects will be synced?

Family/Role/Competency/Role-Competency mapping/Role-JobCode mapping.

However some issue has been reported regarding this sync option. Actually some modules are still bases on legacy tables (JDM), so this is the reason why sometimes we are facing problem with JPB to other modules like the following:

  • Migrated competencies not visible in the form
  • Only some mapped competencies will be appearing in the new form

Therefore we recommend to export all data from Job Description Manager and import the information directly via Manage Job Profile Content (KBA 2276682);


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