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2281536 - API Operations are taking too long, how can I fine tune them?


All http transactions should complete within 30-60 seconds.

Yes you can specify settings in your client to wait longer but often network equipment between your client and our servers will limit the amount of time an http connection can remain open, resulting in a timeout or a "connection reset"


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  • The key to tuning a query is to limit the batch size for each http operation.

  • For query operations, that entails decreasing the page size for your queries. For odata that is performed by setting the $top parameter to a smaller value. For SFAPI/SOAP, the maxRows SFParameter controls the page size. There is a Page Size field in Boomi connector operations that controls both these values.

  • Also you should limit your queries to return only the fields and entities you require. For OData it is easy to join and query many fields you don't need, resulting in slower performance.

  • For the Boomi connector, care must be taken because the Boomi user interface selects/checks all fields by default. This is particularly not ideal for deep Odata queries which could result in joining hundreds of fields you don't need.

  • For write operations, the number of records in your request dictates the batch size. Use smaller batches with fewer records for each page. The Boomi connector has an operation parameter for setting the write batch size.

  • Even though you can make individual page transactions faster by shrinking the batch size, don't specify too small a value. If each transaction is completing in just a couple of seconds, you should consider increasing the batch size. This is because it may take more time overall to process many pages than it takes to process fewer larger pages.

  • Whether you are using Boomi or some other client, a log file should be able to provide you information on how fast or slow each transaction is performing.


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