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2278694 - Is it Possible to log in Directly to SAP Jam?


  • Is it possible to log in directly to SAP Jam?
  • Is it possible to make SAP Jam as home page of SuccessFactors for all the employees?

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  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP Jam Collaboration

Reproducing the Issue

  • To access SAP Jam users log into SuccessFactors and then to SAP Jam.
  • These options allow users to log into SAP Jam in one step rather than two.


Yes, this is possible to log directly into SAP Jam, via SSO (Single sign-on) and deep linking.

Deep linking occurs when a hypertext link points to a page on a Web site other than its home page that involves some navigation into the structure of the Web site. For SAP Jam Collaboration, deep linking is dependent on the single sign-on (SSO) configuration, which is typically done by Professional Services upon implementation. This can be, for example, a standard SAML 2.0-based single log on. If SSO is configured correctly, most SAP Jam URLs should take the user directly to the indicated SAP Jam page after a series of redirects from SAP Jam to the company IDP and back to SAP Jam.

1. SAP Jam handling of deep linking:

In normal SAP Jam usage, a user logs in and SAP Jam sets a cookie in the user's browser that indicates which company the user belongs to. When a user clicks on a deep link such as********, SAP Jam looks for that cookie, but it might not be found if:

  • The user is new to SAP Jam and hasn't logged in before.
  • The user's browser configuration is set to delete all cookies on shutdown.
  • The user has manually deleted the required cookie or all cookies from their browser.

So, when a user clicks a deep link for a page within SAP Jam, it looks for the cookie that identifies which company a user belongs to. One of two things happen:

  1. If SAP Jam finds the cookie: it will know which company the user belongs to and it will forward the user to their company-specific SSO page.
  1. If SAP Jam cannot find the cookie, it will do one of two things:
    • SAP Jam will determine which company the content belongs to by analyzing the URL. There are two possible actions:
      1. If the URL is to a private internal group, SAP Jam forwards the user to that company's SSO page.
      1. If the URL is to an external group, a challenge is encountered because internal users (company employees) and external users (guest members) are authenticated in different SSO log in pages. To deal with this, SAP Jam presents a screen to the user, asking them if they are an employee of the company or if they are a guest:
        • If they answer that they are an employee, they are forwarded to the employees' SSO log on page.
        • If they answer that they are a guest, they are forwarded to the guests' SSO log on page.
    • If SAP Jam finds one of the very few URLs that it cannot determine what company the user belongs to, such as happens if the link is to a user's home page (which is always something like, then there needs to have been extra information added to the URL to allow deep linking to work properly even in such a situation.

      Here is an example of how to build a deep link URL for SAP Jam:
          1. https://[]/c/[]/auth/status where:
            • [] is your associated data center.
            • [] is the assigned SAP Jam domain, which can be located via the SAP Jam Admin Console > Overview section in 'Company ID'
          1. https://[]/auth/status?companyId=[CompanyID_here]&idp=[SuccessFactors_data_center_here] where:
            • [] is your associated data center.
            • [CompanyID_here] is your SuccessFactors Company ID (for example, ABCD0000XYZ).
            • [SuccessFactors_data_center_here] is your SuccessFactors Data Center URL (for example, 

More details on Single Sign-On and deep linking in SAP Jam, please refer to SAP Jam Admin & User Guides:

2. Setting Start Page to SAP Jam via SuccessFactors:

If a user wants to bypass the SuccessFactors Home screen and be redirected to SAP Jam after logon, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to SuccessFactors
2. Click "Options" (drop down under your Username upper right corner):


3. Click Start Page (left menu)
4. Select "SAP Jam":

step 2.jpg

5.Click on "Save" button.

The next time the user logs into SuccessFactors, they will automatically be directed to SAP Jam.

3. Use a Custom Subdomain URL for SAP Jam:

  • If a user clicks on Custom Subdomain, the server will identify for which instance it is calling SAP Jam.
  • Using new custom subdomain URL, system will directly take Users to required SAP Jam system.
  • To implement Custom Subdomain on your SAP Jam, please follow the KB article 2565665.

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