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2277994 - How to Import Data for MDF Objects/ MDF picklists in SuccessFactors?


  • This KB article explains how to Import data for MDF objects
  • This KBA also applies for MDF picklist related import because Picklist in itself is also an MDF object.
  • Error "The number of results loaded in this batch exceeded the limit"
  • What is the limit of records one can Import into an MDF object at once?
  • The total file size exceeds the user size limit of 100,000 kilobytes

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  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Metadata Framework (MDF)


Importing data to an MDF instance is a two-step process and both processes need to be carefully followed.

  1. Download the correct template for the object (parent or child as per your requirement). The template contains the structure of the object as is has been set up in MDF object definitions.
  2. Enter the data you want to Import into the template file. Both these operations use the same process s below:

To import data:

  1. On the Admin Center → Employee Files → Import and Export Data
  2. On the Import and Export Data page, select Download Template as the action to perform
  3. Select a Generic Object
  4. If you want the package to be generated as a zip file of all CSV files corresponding to the parent object and related child objects, choose Yes in the Include dependencies dropdown. An Import_Sequence.csv file is also generated, containing information such as the name of the file and the sequence in which the CSV files are to be imported (Do not change anything in this file)
  5. Click Download

  6. Open the CSV file that is downloaded and enter the data that you want to import for the object
  7. Save your data

  8. On the Import and Export Data page, select Import Data as the action to perform
  9. Select one of the following options:
  • For importing the CSV File, the following Import Data form appears. To validate the data before importing it, click Validate; otherwise, click Import


  • For importing the ZIP file, the following Import Data form appears. Choose the required file and click Import




  • For Importing the from the Success Store, the following Import Data form appears. Select the required packages and click Import


  • Once done, results will be displayed on the Admin Center page under page → Monitor Job
  • If there were errors, the job monitor generates error reports with error messages indicating why a particular record was not imported
  • In the import of MDF Picklist values, the error messages are not on a record level, so you need to analyze the whole file to identify the errors
  • Due to performance concerns, when there is any error on the import, the whole file is not updated. The import of MDF data is processed on batches and unless the file is entirely correct, no records will be imported
  • An e-mail mentioning the status is also sent to the user logged-on user


Important Note:

1) Since 1911 version, in case you get the error  “The number of results loaded in this batch exceeded the limit. Please go to Import Config and reduce the batch size of object ({0}) by half, then try again." => You will need to reduce the batch size in configuration and do the import again.

=> Select Import Config in the action to perform and insert the batch size (number of different records that will be imported (considering external code + effective date))


=>Do the import again. The error should not appear anymore

2) In case you're facing an error "The total file size exceeds the user size limit of 100,000 kilobytes",  note that it does not denote the size of attachment file or whole zip file. It actually denotes the space limit for the user/uploader performing the action. In this case, choose another user which has not surpassed the space limitation to do the import. Then the import should go smooth.

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