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2277617 - Unable to proxy with error message "The Data Privacy Consent Statement is not accepted yet. Please accept statement first."


  • The proxy function is not working;
  • When we try to proxy as a user we receive a message which states "The Data Privacy Consent Statement is not accepted yet. Please accept statement first."


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Try to proxy as another user;
  2. The system will display the following error message: "The Data Privacy Consent Statement is not accepted yet. Please accept statement first."


Data Privacy Consent Statement was not accepted by the user being proxied as or the user does not have permissions over DPCS Settings.


First it is needed to be checked if the user doing proxy has DPCS permission, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Admin Center -> Set User Permissions -> View User Permission;
  2. Search for the user that you are using to proxy;
  3. Click View Permissions to view the permissions for that user;
  4. Search for "Data Privacy Consent Statement Settings" under section "Manage System Properties";
    1. If the user has the permission, it is ok and the issue is not permission;
    2. If you do not find the permission, you need to provide it to the user;
      1. You will need to provide the permission to the users through a permission role that have the target population with the users that you want to do proxy as;
      2. After change the permissions, you need to logout and log back in;
      3. Try to proxy as a user and proxy should now work successfully, if the issue was just on the permissions.

If with the permission referred above correct and the same error still appears, it means that the user being proxied has not accepted the statement yet.

If an user does not accept the statement, he/she cannot log in to do anything and the admin trying to proxy him/her cannot do anything on behalf of him/her either. In that case, you will have to:

  1. Either ask the user to log in and accept the statement;
  2. If the user agrees, the DPCS admin can accept the statement for the user in "Admin center > Set DPCS Statement Status". For this you can refer to this KBA 2088053

NOTE #1: This workaround is not valid for DPCS 2.0 for internal candidate, the internal candidates must accept the statement you can view accepted statements from Audit Log.

NOTE #2: In DPCS 2.0, when a privacy statement is configured to appear each time users log in (by enabling the DPCS flag "Show At Every Login"), no record is kept from when that users accepted the privacy statement, meaning there is no audit report from users previously accepting it. Because of this, users are not able to accept the statement on behalf of someone else, neither proxy as that user. This is currently an expected behavior and feedbacks on the feature are being collected on this improvement request: Log Data Privacy Statement Acceptance.

See Also

Help portal guide for Proxy Access : Setting Up and Managing Proxy Access


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