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2277591 - Value Help Types: Use Context and Use Master Data


In the selection area of a report, you have the option to use the value help to enter values in variables. For some fields, the value help lists all available values, whereas in others some are missing.


  • SAP Business by Design
  • SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

For example:

  1. Open the report Business Partner with Marketing Attribute Assignment.
  2. In the selection, click on the value help for Attribute Set.

In the new window, you will see - for example - 5 attribute sets.

  1. Go to the work center Administrator, view Sales and Marketing Settings.
  2. Click on Maintain Marketing Attribute Sets.

You will see - for example - 8 attribute sets.

Why are not all of them shown in the value help?


There are 2 value help types: Use Context and Use Master Data.

Use Context means that the system checks if a particular value is used in any document or object. If so, it is displayed in the value help.

Use Master Data displays all values for a field that are maintained in the system, whether or not it is used.


In our example, the value help type for Attribute Set is Use Context. So any attribute set that is not used (for example it it is marked as obsolete it cannot be used) will not be shown in the value help list.

Value help types are set in the backend and cannot be changed.

See Also

The value help in data sources may behave slightly differently than a report. To be sure which values are shown in the value help, please always test this on a report value help, and also ensure that the selection variable was added to the report via the report wizard (instead of the Add Fields feature).

Please also note that in reports based on customized joined data sources, the value help type is set as described below.

  1. If a field has a master data reference, the value help type of this field will be set to Use Master Data. To check if there is a master data reference for a field, please go to the Business Analytics work center, view Design Data Source. Search for the data source and click on the Documentation link. Check the column called Master Data - Data Source. If there is an entry here, the value help type will be User Master Data.
  2. If there is no master data reference as described above, the value help type will be Use Context.
  3. Additionally, the following fields will always show the master data in a value help if the report is based on a join:
    1. Date or time fields
    2. Codelist fields (such as Document Type, Status, etc)

In temporal join data sources it will always be of type use master data and show all values. This is the expected system behaviour at the moment and is working as designed.


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