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2277199 - How to configure HRIS Sync for Transient field Pay Component Group values (like Annualized Salary) using Business Rules


  • Many times there might be requirements to have Pay Component Groups to be synced to Employee Profile. i.e. HRIS Sync of Pay Component Groups (like Annualized Salary)
  • How to Sync Transient field to Employee Profile

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Employee central - HRIS Sync


Example case : Currently the system does not support any default Sync/Mapping of Pay Component Groups directly, as these transient fields (calculated).The calculated value is not saved to the database, and is only available in the UI, there is no direct way to synchronize the calculated value to Employee Profile


Option 1 or 2

  • create the fields and assign rules via the Business Configuration UI (Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration)
  • or via 
  • XML (which for customers would require assistance from Product Support).

Option 1:

Added a CustomLong field ‘Total Salary Test’ in CompInfo Element (it must be a numeric field, otherwise you will not be able to select the numeric calculated field when creating the rule.

Via: SDM data Model code

<hris-field id="custom-long17" visibility="both">
<label>Total Salary Test </label>

<label xml:lang="en-US">Total Salary Test </label>


XML Add field.jpg   Created

Option 2 :

Create a Rule :

See below rule and put in onSave of compInfo (Compensation Information).  Rule.jpg    Rule Config.jpg

Test : Rule configuration

Take Action made a change Save.  Take Action.jpg   Total salary Test is now equal to AnnualizedSalary.  Rule works.jpg

HRIS SYN Mapping

Then configure a sync from this Custom field to Standard element in Employee Profile. SyncMapping.JPG

 Code : HRIS SYNc Mapping

<hris-element-ref refid="compInfo">
<hris-mapping >
<hris-field-ref refid="custom-long17"/>
<standard-element-ref refid="custom08"/>


  • The custom-long field will only be updated when Saving the Compensation Information from the UI.
  • The rule will not trigger when importing Compensation Info data as this is currently not supported.
  • The rule will trigger if you are using the Compensation to EC Integration (as long as you have not disabled the EC Rules on the Compensation Form configuration - 2331495)

FAQ - Additional Information


Q) Can I Map any EC Transient field such us Time in Position”, “Time in Job”, “Time in Company”, “Time in Location” and “Time in Department”  to EP?

A) The time in position field is a transient field and cannot be synced to EP via  HRIs sync.

As explained above You  could possibly set up so custom field to use in  HRIS sync mapping using a rule, but this will only sync every time there is a save action for the job information, which means it will not be correct for the vast majority of the time.


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