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2276079 - Invoice Split due to Different Value of Extension Fields on Invoice Requests


The items to be invoiced based on the same sales order cannot be combined into one invoice. The system splits the invoice into two invoices.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Select the Invoice Requests view
  3. Select the respective To Be Invoiced Invoice Requests which are based on sales order XYZ (XYZ represents the number of the sales order).
  4. Press the Invoice button
  5. In the New Invoice window the items are split into two invoices instead of combining them into one customer invoice as expected.


The reason the invoice split is due to the extension field being different in both the invoice requests. When invoicing an Outbound Delivery Invoice Request, we merge the Sales Order Invoice Request and the Outbound Delivery Invoice Request together.

For the extension fields, we give preference to the values that are on the Outbound Delivery Invoice Request over the Sales Order Invoice Request, this relevance can be well observed in item types like Product - delivery-based,Service - fixed price without actuals etc.

For the Sales Order Invoice Request , we do not merge it with any other invoice request and the extension fields that exist on the Iivoice request will be on the Customer Invoice.

In this case, the extension fields are filled on the Outbound Delivery Invoice Request and these fields are not filled on the Sales Order Invoice Request. Hence the difference causes the invoice have split.


This is the Expected System Behavior.

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