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2275937 - Costing Not Possible; Labor Resource For Team Member XYZ Not Found


While adding team members to project planning screen the system displays below warning message.

Costing Not Possible; Labor Resource For Team Member XXXX Not Found

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Project management work center.
  2. Select Projects view.
  3. Select Projects subview.
  4. Show all and find Project ABC.
  5. Select Edit - Project Plan button.
  6. Select project task ABC-1.
  7. Select the Work tab
  8. Select Add Row button
  9. Choose Team Member XXXX and service then you will receive the above warning message.


Based on the valuation strategy the system checks for Labor Resource for the assigned team member, if the system is unable to find the relevant Labor Resource Cost Rate for that team member then system throws the above warning message.

If you want the work to be valuated on service Cost Rate, you can ignore the warning message then system checks for the Service Cost Rate.



Steps to find the employee Job role and Cost Center.

  1. Go to Personnel Administration work center.
  2. Choose the Employees view.
  3. Search th the employee XYZ(Represnts the employee Id or the manger Id).
  4. Choose Edit button.
  5. The Personnel File employee XYZ will open.
  6. Go to Employement tab -> Organizational Assignment sub tab note down the assigned Job, Cost Center and Validity.

Please follow the steps below to create resource with a combination of assigned Job role and employee assigned Cost Center.

  1. Go to Cost and Revenue work center.
  2. Choose Master Data view.
  3. Choose Resources subview.
  4. Search and select the resource ABC (Ex: HRS1134 - Consultant).
  5. Choose Edit button.
  6. Go to the Valuation tab.
  7. Under all Cost Center Assignment, choose on Add Row.
  8. Enter the current cost center assigned to the employee or Manager XYZ.
  9. Enter a valid from date that starts before the period that Employee or Manger XYZ is entering times.
  10. Choose Save button.


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