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2275333 - Accessibility: Recruiting Tab and Recruiting Career Site


Several User Interface enhancements have been made to pages under the Recruiting menu and Recruiting Career Site to make them accessible for people with disabilities. This Knowledge Base Article explains the scope of the changes and how the keyboard navigation has been improved.


Accessibility at SAP refers to the possibility for everyone, including and especially people with physical impairments, to access and use technology and information products. SAP ensures the implementation of accessibility features in the products via the "Product Standard Accessibility", which is enforced by the "Idea to Market (I2M)" process, using various process steps to plan, develop, test and report these quality features. The accessibility status of many SAP products is documented and the accessibility status documents are handed out to customers on request.
When developing software, SAP’s product teams follow the recommendations of  the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) Level A and AA , BITV 2.0 Prio 1 (German Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung) and the US Section508 1194.21 and 1194.22. 
But that does not mean, that all products meet all these requirements. The accessibility of software is influenced by various factors: used technologies, user agents (like browsers, operating systems,…), assistive technologies (like screen readers, screen magnifiers,…) end-user device, product maturity, customer demand.

SAP uses a phased and decentralized approach to accessibility support in its software. To give you an overview on the accessibility status of a certain SAP product, SAP issues Accessibility Status Documents. These statements are available as VPAT, WCAG and BITV documents and state the compliance of a certain product in a given testing environment to the respective external accessibility guidelines. Please note, that due to the variety of SAP’s technologies and products and the decentralized development approach, SAP cannot give a general statement on the accessibility of its products.

In order to improve the accessibility, the keyboard navigation has been improved, screen reader support and color contrast has been added.


Affected pages for the Recruiting Menu are; Job Requisition List page, Create New Job Requisition page, Create / View Job Requisition form, managing job requisitions Candidate Summary list page, Candidates, Internal and External Career Sites Offer Approvals list page, Offer Letter & the Recruiting Preferences Tab.

10-02-2016 11-25-15.jpg

10-02-2016 11-26-13.jpg

10-02-2016 11-26-56.jpg

Affected pages for the Recruiting Career Site: Account Creation page, Home tab, Job Search page, Job Search, Results page, Job Description page, Password Management tab, Forgot Password pages, Job Management tab, Jobs Applied tab, Saved Applications tab, Saved Jobs tab, Saved Search/Alert tab, Post application page, My Offers tab, My Interviews tab, Sign out page, Sign in page:

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