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2275114 - Sales Order Delivery And Invoice Status Are Set To Finished Even Though It Is Partially Delivered


In a Sales Order the Delivery Rule is set to Single Delivery - Full Quantity. You have delivered partial quantities instead of full quantities. The system set the Delivery Status and the Invoice Status to Finished.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Go to the Sales Orders view.
  3. Show All Sales Orders.
  4. Search and open the Sales Order XYZ (XYZ represents the ID of the affected Sales Order).
  5. Go to the Items tab.
  6. Check the affected Items. All of them have been delivered in partial quantities and not in full quantities. The Delivery and Invoice status are set to Finished.


The reason why the Sales Order has the status Completed even though the Products have been only partially delivered is because of the Delivery Rule you have set for the Sales Order.

The Delivery Rule for Sales Order line items is defined as Single Delivery - Full Quantity, this means that you are expecting/or you intend to delivery all the Products in the Sales Order only in a Single Delivery.

Therefore, once a single Outbound Delivery is created against the Sales Order with this Delivery Rule, the Delivery status of the Sales Order will be updated to Finished. Therefore, the status of the Sales Order is also Completed.


If you still wish to deliver the remaining quantity for the line items in the Sales Order please follow the below given steps:

  1. Go to the Outbound Logistics work center.
  2. Go to the Outbound Deliveries view.
  3. Search the Outbound Delivery 123 (123 represents the ID of the affected Outbound Delivery).
  4. Click the button Actions -> Undo Release.
  5. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  6. Go to the Sales Orders view.
  7. Show All Sales Orders.
  8. Search and open the Sales Order XYZ (XYZ represents the affected Sales Order).
  9. Go to the Items tab.
  10. Select any of the Products which has been partially delivered.
  11. Change the Delivery Rule to "Multiple Deliveries". You should do this for all the Products you wish to deliver.
  12. Save the Sales Order XYZ.
  13. And go one with the usual Sales Order processing.

Once the above steps are performed, the respective line items for which you have changed the Delivery Rule will be available for release in Customer Demand view of Outbound Logistics Control work center.

Once you release these Customer Demands a new Delivery Proposal will be created and visible in Outbound Logistics work center. You can process this proposal with the usual Outbound Delivery processing.


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