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2274679 - How to Delete/Delimit Dependents Data via Import - Employee Central


It is possible to remove a Dependent of an Employee via the Dependents (personRelationshipInfo) portlet UI on the Personal Information page in Employee Central, but what if you want to do this on mass?

The previous solution was to Full Purge import the Dependents for the employee or group of employee's, which is a very time consuming task to perform, even via Import.


Employee Central 2.0 - Dependents management


Possibly there is a lot of Dependent data that needs to be removed from employee's Dependents portlet. Performing this task via the UI can be next to impossible via the UI if hundreds of users are impacted, and performing a Full Purge import meant that you would have to reimport the Dependents data you wanted to keep (all of it) via Full Purge import. There was no way to Delimit/Delete a particular Dependent from an employees Dependents portlet outside of the UI.


In b1602 support for the "operation" column has now been added to the Dependents import framework. Now you can delimit data by doing a single incremental import with a DELIMIT token in the operation column of the import template.

You can find more information in the Employee Central Imports Administration Guide on the website.

If you had done mass incorrect imports for dependents then easy way to remove the incorrect dependents from employees is to import personRelationship file with DELIMIT operation.

We just need to make sure that dependent person ID is correct and event dates are matching as per the employee's dependent records.

  1. Please export dependent IDs for all employees from advanced reporting, get event date as well (we need to delimit at this date).
  2. then create a person relationship import file with employee ID, dependent ID, event date relationship and DELIMIT option.
  3. Import this in incremental mode and verify that dependent is no more shown in employee's profile.

PS : this way of delimit will just dissociate the dependents data from employee and no dependents will be shown in employee's contact post this import. However, the dependents ID and their data will still remain in the database.

  • If you want dependent person ID and person data to be deleted completely then you will need to use the compound delete function.

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