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2271376 - Adding new JCE fields post b1511 via MDF


Configuring and establishing relation between new JCE fields created via MDF in Requisition template


SuccessFactors BizX - Recruiting Management(RCM)


Prior to b1511 mapping for all the JCE fields was done in Corporate data model but post b1511 all the JCE fields has been migrated to MDF for all the RBP customers and hence Corporate data model is no longer supported for JCE type of fields.

Follow the below steps that should be follow if you want to add new JCE field in requisition template.

Note: Before adding field in requisition template the definition needs to be given in MDF. If the definition will not be given in MDF then the validation error will occur while uploading the requisition template in provisioning.

1. Go to Admin Center -> Configure Object Definitions.

2. From the Search select "Object Definition" and "Job Classification/Job Code".


3. Click on Take Action -> Make Correction


4. Scroll down and click on "Details" next to empty field.


5. Fill all the required fields.


6. Below are the required fields which are mandatory to filled.

a. Name - Its the name of the JCE field that we will use in requisition template. Below are the list of JCE fields that are supported in RCM.
customString1-15, customLong1-5, customDate1-5
Note: Naming convention changes when these fields are used in requisition template and MDF. For example customString12 used in requisition template will be written as cust_String12 in MDF. While defining definition of field only String12 needs to be given, cust_ is auto generated code and system will automatically append it.

b. Data Type - Commonly used data type in RCM are "String", "Translatable" and "Picklist". If "Picklist" type is used the field will be displayed as drop down in requisition.
Note: For the "Picklist" type of field some more additional configuration is required which are covered in next section.

c. Valid Values Source - only require if data type is picklist.

d. Visibilty - It decides that JCE field should be visible in Manage Data or not.

e. Label - Label decides what should be the name of the JCE field.


7. Click on "Done".


8. At last scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Save".


 9. Once this is done the definition of the new field will appear as shown below.


Additional configuration that needs to be done if the data type is "Picklist".

1. For the picklist type of fields MDF and Legacy Picklist needs to be created.
2. To create a MDF picklist navigate to Admin Tools -> Configure Object Definitions
3. Select the option "Picklist" next to the drop down "Create New:"


4. Fill the below required fields.

a. Code - It's a unique picklist id.
b. Status - Its the status of the picklist.
c. External Code - Its again a required field and should be a unique value.
d. Label - Its the name of the picklist value.
e. Status - Should be always active otherwise value will not be visible.
f. Effective Start Date - Should be always 01/01/1900.
g. parentPickList - It can be used for cascading type of picklist.


5. After filling all the above fields click on "Save".
6. Once MDF picklist is created we need to create legacy picklist via "Picklist Management".
7. In the picklist use same picklistId, external_code and value that we used in MDF picklist.


8. Upload the picklist file.


9. Next and most important step is to map MDF picklist to Legacy picklist. To do so navigate to Admin Center - > Manage Data
10. From the drop down select Create New: "MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist Map". (If the option is not available, please check permissions)

MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist1.png

11. On the next screen give the MDF picklist and Legacy picklist id that we created.

MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist.png

12. Once the above step is done associate the MDF picklist id in "Configure Object Definition".


13. To upload the requisition template successfully with JCE field the last mapping that need to be done is in "Setup Job Requisition Job Code Mapping". Below are the steps that needs to be followed to do this.
- Navigate to Admin Tools -> Setup Job Requisition Job Code Mapping
- The new field cust_String12 created in "Configure Object Definition" should appear under column "Job Classification Library Fields".
- From the drop down select the respective JCE field that you want to map from requisition template.


14. Give the definition of the JCE field in requisition template and finally upload the template. Below is the definition that needs to be present in requisition template.

<field-definition id="customString12" type="jobCode" required="false" custom="false">
<field-label><![CDATA[Salary Range - High]]></field-label>
<field-label lang="de_DE_SF"><![CDATA[Grundgehalt]]></field-label>

15. Once everything is done successfully the field in the requisition will appear as a drop down and it can be used to populate values from the Job Code.




Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do we need to define MDF Picklist and Legacy Picklist separately?

The reason for this is that JCE fields uses MDF picklist while RCM supports only Legacy picklist. Hence we need to define these two picklist separately so with the help of mapping they can be made compatible in RCM.

2. What if I'm not getting "MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist" option in "Manage Data".

This option will only come if permission for this is defined under "Manage Permission Roles" -> Miscellaneous Permission -> MDF Picklist to Legacy Picklist Mapping

Permission Roles.png

3. How do we check the definition of new JCE field defined in "Configure Object Definitions"?

It can be check check under "Manage Data" -> Job Classification -> Search for any Job code


4. Is it possible to manually define a value for this JCE field on the basis of Job code?

Yes, it can be done. Again navigate to "Manage Data" -> Job Classification -> Search for any Job code -> Click on "Take Action" -> Make Correction. Once this is done all JCE fields will appear in editable mode and you can specify the value for a newly created JCE field.


5. Will the value set for this new field for a given Job code will auto populate when the given Job code will be used in requisition?

Yes, if all the configurations are properly done the value will pull automatically on requisition when the given Job code is selected. Check the below screen shot for reference.


6. Why newly created JCE field is not visible under "Manage Data" -> Job Classification

Check the visibility is not set as "Not Visible".


7. Why the the newly created JCE field values are appended with external code in UI?

Make sure value for field "UI Field Renderer" is set as "displayPickListWithoutExternalCodePrevious".

UI Field Renderer.png

8. What happens if the definition for JCE field is not properly given?

On the requisition page the field will be displayed as read only. This could create a huge problem if the field is marked as required in requisition template as the system will not allow user to save any requisition.







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