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2263596 - How to Close E-Verify Correct Data Activity of a Candidate Who's no Longer Working with the Company [E-Verify] - Onboarding 1.0


How to close E-Verify Correct Data activity of a candidate whose no longer working with the company?


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Open E-Verify Correct Data Activity of resigned candidate(s) or new hire(s)


For Live Customer(s)

OPTION ONE (1): Manual US Form I-9 Update

  1. Delete open E-Verify Correct Data of candidate who's no longer with the company
  2. Print the US Form I-9 located in Document Center
  3. Once the form is printed, write the reason why the candidate is no longer with the company and why the form is not corrected
  4. Scan the US Form I-9 with reason why candidate is no longer working and upload to Document Center to keep the candidate's record updated


Hiring Manager can write "Quit Work" on the printed US Form I-9 and indicate that why it was not corrected.


OPTION TWO (2): Delete Open E-Verify Correct Data and Request Support for E-Verify Kick-start

  1. Delete open E-Verify Correct Data of candidate who's no longer with the company
  2. Make a request to SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Product Support to create a new E-Verify activity, see KBA 2291440
  3. Navigate to SAP SuccessFactors HCM > Onboarding
  4. Find and open the new E-Verify activity
  5. Click Submit Initial Verification to send candidate's data to E-Verify system
  6. Current candidate's E-Verify panel will update with initial eligibility status
  7. Click Resolve Case button 
  8. A panel will show with the question "Is the employee currently employed with this company?", select No if the candidate is not employed
  9. Click Request Closure Options underneath the Yes/No selection
  10. Select the reason why the E-Verify Activity needs to be closed
  11. Done


E-Verify Correct Data activity is not link to E-Verify system hence deleting won't have an issue


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