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2258432 - "Row Limit Exceeded for model Chart Input" error in Dashboard 2.0 Succession tile


"Row Limit Exceeded for model Chart Input" Error in Dashboard 2.0 tiles


  •  "Row Limit Exceeded for model Chart Input


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Dashboards and Tiles

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to the sub-tab where the tile is used.
    This could be the 'Home' tab or the 'Dashboard 2.0' sub-tab or both, based on the instance's configuration
  2. Click the tile under concern and expand it
  3. A brief error message "An error occurred while calculating data, please try again later or contact your administrator" will appear
  4. Click this error message to expand it
    The detailed error message "Row Limit Exceeded for model Chart Input" will appear


  • Tiles have a limitation to the number of records which can be displayed at the same time
  • This limit is in place to prevent the browser from crashing (please do not use values higher than 20000 to avoid browser stability issues)
  • The error message is an indication that the data to be displayed has exceeded this limit


  1. Download the YouCalc model of the tile under concern.
    Navigation: Admin Tools> Reporting > Manage Dashboards > Manage Standard Dashboards and YouCalc Files

  2. Click the ‘Take Action’ dropdown and Download the tile under concern

  3. Unzip the downloaded file ''
    The folder YouCalcModel will have an ‘epix’ file in it

  4. Edit it with any xml / text editor
  5. The last xml element in the file will be the properties one. This defines the number of records the tile can hold and display


  6. Increase the limit by 1000

  7. Upload the tile to the instance from the 'Manage Standard Dashboards and YouCalc Files' page mentioned in step 1

  8. If the issue persists, repeat steps 5 and 6 until the 'gridsize' value suffices the number of records the tile is trying to display

    Important: Increasing the gridsize value might remove the error message but if too much data is being pulled into the graph it will remain empty!

    You need to use the enlarge function of the tile to be able to filter the results to a point where the graph is able to display the columns again.


  • Row Limit Exceeded
  • An error occurred while calculating data
  • errorCode004
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