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2257598 - Changing Users Default Learner Intro panel to be compatible with different locales


Can we have the Default Learner Intro shown as per user’s locale?


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Yes, you can configure the default learner intro template to do so.

The default learner introduction page can be configured if you navigate to System Admin > Application Admin > User Introductions > DEFAULT_LEARNER_INTRO (best to back up the original configuration there before making any changes)

The News page Intro is “localization ready” for the most part since as you see below. The data displayed can be contained in localized labels, and if there is verbiage not contained in labels, you can easily configure that and translate as you wish. We currently have some values written out directly in English while other data is in untranslated labels, but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to make it look however you want. Examples of verbiage that can easily be swapped out for a label reference are highlighted in red, while out of box label references are highlighted in yellow below:

<td style="width:10%; padding-top:10px; padding-bottom:10px;">
<img src="<resourceURI path="/user/images/todo_list.png" />" border="0" alt="To-Do List"></td>
<td style="width:40%; padding-top: 10px; padding-left:10px;padding-right:15px;">
<span class="newsSectionTitle">Work From Your To-Do List</span><br>
<span class="newsBodyText"><I18nLabel key="label.todolist.title"/></span></td>

You can then use the translation field to translate the values for different user side locales that you have for your system.
You can create labels from References->Geography->Labels. Then you will use those label id's to edit the User's default learner intro panel text .

Here is one example:

  1. In the DEFAULT_LEARNER_INTRO config find the line:
    <span class="newsSectionTitle">Work from your To-Do list.</span><br>
  2. Then create a new label (Label Type = LABEL) called 'newsSectionTitle1' (or whatever you choose) for this text -> 'Work from your To-Do list.' Make sure to define the label locale text in your desired languages.
  3. In the DEFAULT_LEARNER_INTRO' replace the line:
    <span class="newsSectionTitle">Work From Your To-Do List.</span><br>
    with the line:
    <span class="newsSectionTitle"><I18nLabel key="label.u.NewsSectionTitle1"/></span><br>

This change will reflect in the news page, translated into your different languages.


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