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2236371 - Troubleshooting Import Employee Data and Basic Imports


Several problems can occur during the Import Employee Data process.

  • Import completes but users are not added
  • The system sends you an email with the error or failure that occured


  • SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Employee Central

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In Admin Center -> Import Employee Data
  2. Select your CSV file to upload


To ensure that your user data update process goes smoothly, read the following tips:


General tips

Make sure you provide all required information. Otherwise, your data will not update correctly.

The order of the employees in your file is important

The employee's manager HR representative must exist in the database before you add the employee. For this reason, you must add employees in the following order:

  1. Managers

  2. HR representatives

  3. Employees

There must always be a value in the MANAGER column

If an employee doesn't have a manager, you must enter NO_MANAGER.

There must always be a value in the HR column

If an employee doesn't have a manager, you must enter NO_HR.

You can upload the user data file at any time, but if you're using an HRIS system, you might want to set up a regular schedule that coordinates with your company's HRIS system updates.

User data files contain sensitive information. When you download a user data file, you're removing the data from a secure environment. We recommend taking precautions to safeguard this information.

If your account is inadvertently deactivated during the upload or download process, a copy of the notification email is automatically routed to a SuccessFactors system email account. In this case, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success to get a copy of the email.


Tips for creating user data files

We strongly recommend that you use the provided template for creating your own user data file. The template contains the required formatting and header rows.

If you're creating a new user data file without a template, make sure that it meets the following requirements:

  • The file must be in Comma Separated Value (*.csv) file format

  • The first two rows must be the header rows

  • The first header row must be exactly as it is in the SuccessFactors template

  • The first two columns in the second header row must be the STATUS and USERID labels

  • The file must contain all required columns

For more information about the user data file requirements, click here.



After the file upload is complete, you will receive an email notification. This email contains the results of your upload, including any errors that occurred.

You might see some of these common error messages in the email notification. To correct these and any other errors, update the data file then upload it again. If you're still having trouble uploading the data file, contact SuccessFactors Customer Success.


This error message...

Means that...

To resolve it...

Missing required field

Required information was not provided.

Click here for a list of required fields.

Fill in all required information and upload the file again.

Username already exists

There's a duplicate username.

Remove duplicate users and upload the file again.

Manager Cycle detected with this manager ID — <manager id>

There's an inconsistent entry in the hierarchy field.

Make sure that the employee's own USERID is not listed instead of the manager's USERID.

Make sure that the employee doesn't appear both above and below the manager in the file.

Manager ID invalid

The manager's UserID listed for the employee doesn't exist in the database.

Make sure that the manager's USERID exists in the database.

If you're adding both the employee and manger, make sure that the manager is added before the employee.




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