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2229716 - Competency Library 2.1 - How it Works, Supported Languages and Improvements


  • How does the Competency Library 2.1 work?
  • What are the main improvements from the previous version? 
  • Which languages are supported by the library?


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How the Competency Library 2.1 works

Competencies are the primary content tool used to identify and communicate information about the behaviors that define “how” people are expected to perform their jobs. Competencies play a central role in several processes supported by our solutions such as Performance Management, Succession Management, Career Development, 360 surveys, Recruiting, Workforce Planning, and compensation. As a result, it is important that the competency library used be highly robust and current in its design and content. The new competency library is designed to meet this need

What are the main improvements from previous version? 

The following are some significant improvements that have been incorporated into the new library:

  • Based on Validated Job Performance Models: The new library is based on more recent and research looking at the structure of job performance. This research has empirically identified different aspects of performance that are independent of one another. A person who is highly effective at one dimension may be ineffective in another.  The competencies in the new library are grouped into high level categories that reflect these independent dimensions. This will allow clients to more effectively build competency models, adequately capture the full range of behaviors that make or break job success.
  • Behaviorally Focused: The primary purpose of competencies is to define the behaviors that drive success in different jobs. The most effective competencies are defined using behaviors that are specific and observable. They avoid the use of terms that lack behavioral meaning. For example, the competency “Sales Skills” is a poorly defined competency because the behaviors that define successful sales vary considerably across jobs.  Rather than using a behaviorally vague term like “Sales”, it is better to use more meaningful terms such as “Negotiating Agreements” or “Championing Customer Needs”. Care was taken in designing the new library to use terms that have relatively clear meaning and to define the competencies based on specific types of behavior.
  • Greater Coverage: The new competency library covers a much wider range of job behaviors than the old library.
  • More Extensive Content: The  new library includes more content for each competency, including:
    • 18 writing assistant statements (6 each for needs improvement, meets expectations, & exceeds expectations);
    • 12 coaching assistant comments;
    • 4 behavioral statements designed to support the 360 module;
    • Behavioral anchored rating scales and interview questions are also available, but are stored outside of the standard SFSF system.
  • Configurable design: The new library is designed to support clients who want to configure our competency content to create custom models or to map onto their existing models. We support this service through a 3rd party consulting partnership. This service includes configuration of writing and coaching assistant content for client specific competencies.

Note: The Competency Library 2.1 can be downloaded via Admin Tools > Manage Competencies > Add new Library > Download from the SuccessStore (JDM)

Which languages are supported by the library?

Currently, the following languages are supported:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Turkish
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • German (Germany)
  • French (France)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (Mexico)

Note: The customer is responsible for translation of the competencies for non-supported languages. It is necessary to build the import file with translations and import it via Admin Tools

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