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2227861 - Org Chart - Direct Report Employee is not displayed / Application error is shown when searching people on Company Org Chart


  • A new user opens Org Chart and is prompted with an error.
  • In the Organization Chart a user who recently transferred to a new manager is not displayed as a direct report of their new manager when selecting "Up One Level" from that employees record in the org chart.
  • The employee has the correct manager displayed when viewing in employee information.
  • Search for user in Org chart and get error  “could not retrieve data for this user, please try again later or notify support (errorid = **********)
  • The errorId for this issue may differ each time you replicate the issue. 

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SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite

Reproducing the Issue

The problem exists if the employee is not displayed under their manager in the org chart after following the steps below:

  1. Select the Organization Chart (Organization view) from the drop down main menu
  2. Search and select an employee; the employee is displayed in the org chart along with the "Up One Level" button in the UI.
  3. Choose "One Level Up" button from the Org Chart display
  4. The Org chart will show the manager and some direct reports but not the employee you started with in the search

Note: When navigating to the employee information screen the manager is listed correctly for the effected user.


This is expected in a condition like one of the following:

  • LnR job did not yet execute for the company (where the job runs on a particular scheduled basis)
  • The user is new and not yet inserted into LnR table, example user A was just created in the system, so user A does not have an LnR record
  • The user doesn't have a valid manager, example user A's manager is specified as B, but B is not a valid user, so user A will not get an LnR record
  • The user is part of a cyclical manager relationship, example: user A's manager is B, B's manager is C, C's manager is A - in this case user A, B, and C will not get an LnR record
  • The user is inactive
  • The user is not yet Hired ( This only applies to Employee central enabled instances )

Note: The LnR job is a job designed to refresh user relationships so that the Org chart can show the latest changes. The LNR job is triggered every hour., this is a backend job and cannot be controlled from Provisioning.


Steps to take to resolve this issue:

  1. Use the check tool to check the User Hierarchy is correct to do this navigate to Check Tool -> User Management-> Hierarchy - See KBA 2472648 Check Tool: How to check your SuccessFactors configuration.

    • You can use it to check whether an active manager and second manager exist for a selected user. The Manager and Second Manager fields should be either an existing and active User ID in the system or "NO_MANAGER".
    • You can use it to check whether manager cycles or second manager cycles exist for a selected user. If manager cycles are found, the check will return errors, together with the names of managers that are in cycle so you can update them to break the cycles.

  2. If the Hierarchy is correct you should perform a basic user information import, which has the effect of manually triggering the LnR process. You only need to import a single record with a manager change. We recommend using an "admin" user account in the import file since it resides outside the official employee hierarchy.

How to perform the employee import: 

  1. In Admin tools > choose "import employee data"
  2. Choose the "Basic" radio button
  3. Select Browse and specify either “File1" or "File2" depending on which file you last chose. Choose the one you did not choose last time (do not check any other check boxes)
  4. Press "validate", if the file validates without error, perform the previous steps and choose "Import"

After the import process has completed, check the Org Chart to ensure the management changes and the manager transfer is reflected for the problem users.

Note : The LnR job is a job designed to refresh user relationships so that the Org chart can show the latest changes. The LNR job is triggered every hour., this is a backend job and cannot be controlled from Provisioning.

  • Ensure user is valid - The user must be in an active status. If Employee Central is enabled ensure that Employment details are also valid as this can include future and past employment, if the user is not currently active then the user will be marked as invalid and will not be searchable via the org. chart.

See Also

  • 2472648 - Check Tool: How to check your SuccessFactors configuration
  • 2085492 - Company Org Chart - Overview and Configuration Options


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