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2221052 - Smart Suite – Integration Goal Management with EC (new feature from Q3-2015 release) FAQ


Smart Suite – Integration Goal Management with EC (new feature from Q3-2015 release) FAQ


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1) In the Release Information Webinar (recording in the Community), it's indicated that both TGM-6392 and TGM-6393 are Universal  Can I get the confirmation if TGM-6392 and TGM-6393 are Universal or Opt-in?

     This is a misprint in the RIW.  It is an optional feature.  As it says on the same slide under Prerequisites and Configuration:  "Configurable via the EC rules engine."

2) For TGM-6392 ("Smart Suite – Integration with EC when New Manager Event Occurs")

     a) What happens if an employee has no goal, does his manager see the message is his To-Do?


     b) If the manager change is a mistake (made by HR for example) and it's corrected after some time, what will be the behavior? (in other words, does the message on the manager To-Do appear immediately after the change of manager or is there some delay/sync needed?)

     It will appear relatively immediately.

     c) Are there email notification associated in this new message in the To-Do?

     There are no email notifications.

     d) If managers don't have access to goals of their employees (only HR has), will the message be added to the To-Do of the manager?

     The message will still be shown in To Dos.  There is a current issue right now, where the Manager can access the goal plan, even though the employee does not have access.  This will be corrected in a later release.  Having said that, if manager's do not have access to the goal plan, then the trigger should be disabled, since it is opt-in anyway (as mentioned above).

3) For PMT-3842 ("Employee Central Data Changes Trigger Performance Form Creation"):

     a) Does this only apply to EC customers using "Position management" feature in EC?

     It does not only apply to EC customers using "Position management" in EC, and the changes do not have to be limited to job role or position.  It does however only apply to EC customers.

     b) Could we get the list of event that can trigger such form creation?

     You will need to inquire with EC on the question.  They can provide details as to what employee change information is picked up by their rule builder.

     c) In the Release Information Webinar (recording present in the Community), we can read the following limitation: "Does not support launching of form for a position an employee is leaving". What does that mean?

     In other words, the functionality currently works for when you have a form created for the new position you are moving into, such as the scenarios where a form is created at the beginning of the year, and is open all year long.  The functionality is not currently supported for when you are leaving a position, and want a form created for the position you are moving away from (aka for the the old manager and old position).


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