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2210791 - You Cannot Change the Address Details in a Sales Order Created via Internet


You created a sales order via web service and found the postal code in the account address is wrong, but you are not able to change the address any more. However, if the sales order is created manaully, then the address can be modified after save.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Go to the Sales Orders view.
  3. Open the sales order ABC. (ABC reprents the ID of a sales order).
  4. Notice that the Origin is Internet. This is a order created via web service.
  5. Open the Address Details hyperlink under the account, you cannot edit the address, all the fields are grayed out.
  6. However, if you open another order with Origin as Manual Entry, the address details can be changed.


It is a technical way of handling request xml which allowed to stop creation of sales orders where postal code or some other field in address was incorrect. If your request xml is absolutely correct and you only have issue in address node elements then such request xml will get processed successfully and sales order will get created with erroneous addressdata. Its correct that you can't change this address from Sales Order UI. This is clearly mentioned in secondary help document.

"Child Node – Address

This node is used to maintain the address data for persons or organizations (including the postal address and communication data). It can also be used to maintain other address-specific information, such as the preferred method of communication, or a formatted address, display

names in the user interfaces. An address that is maintained via the web-service becomes a document address, that is, an address that is valid only for that sales order document. An address in a document cannot be changed, but a new one can be created which will overwrite the

previous document address. This would mean that if the customer wants to change, for example, an email ID, the customer would have to read all information present in the current address and send it back along with the new email ID as an update request."


You will need send an update request via webservice in order to change the address details.


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