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2203240 - Record Learning succeeded but no credit granted


  • The admin records learning for multiple users for an offering and the process completes successfully but for some users the items stilll appears on the learning plan while for others it has been moved to the learning history.
  • Or the admin records learning and gets the following error:
    com.plateausystems.elms.util.helper.ElmsUpdateException: adjustComponentLearningEventChargeback(ComponentTrainingEventPK, Double, FinancialCenter[], FinancialCenter[], String) failed
    Caused by: com.plateausystems.elms.util.helper.ElmsNoRecordFoundException: Event record not found


  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Admin interface
  • Users > Tools > Record learning
  • Scheduled offering record > Actions > Record learning
  • User interface > My employees > Supervisor links > Record learning

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Record Learning Event Multiple/Financial > complete the process > confirmation that completion was recorded successfully
  2. spot check on users learning plan and see item not moved to learning history


  • There is a mandatory survey related to the item that was scheduled and the user has not completed the survey, therefore completion cannot be granted for the scheduled offering.

This can be verified by navigating to the item record > related/more > survey

survey required for item completion.png

To check if the user still has to complete the survey you can proxy as the user and verify the survey is showing as overdue on the learning plan or go to the user record > more tab > survey.


  • Another scenario is that the survey is not published and therefore, though the wizzard says record learning was successful the surveys are not assigned and the items cannot be moved to learning history.

To verify this:

  1. open the survey in edit mode
  2. questions (click on edit if you missed the above step to open in edit mode)
  3. if you can see the PUBLISH button this means the survey is not published



  • The users must complete the survey so that the completion status can be updated


  1. The survey must be published
  2. Record learning must be performed once more to assign the surveys to the users
  3. The users must complete the survey so that the completion status can be updated

Tips to identify if the offering is closed or Learning is already recorded:

  • click on view all and search for the field "closed" = YES (another field to look for is CANCELLED in case CLOSED = NO)
  • the user icons in the Registration tab of the scheduled offering are green. When learning is not recorded or pending survey completion, the icons are grey
  • "Initiate evaluation" in the ACTIONS menu of the Scheduled offering is greyed out

See Also

Product Management does monitor the Influence site and selects the enhancement requests which receive the most votes for implementation in future releases.

Identify offerings where record learning was already performed:

Improve error messages:


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