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2202847 - Production Model for Product ID on Date for Quantity not Found


You are trying to run MRP or manually creating a New Planning proposal for a product and planning area combination, when you receive the error message:

 Production model for Product ID ABC (ABC refers product id)  on Date DD.MM.YYYY for quantity XXX (xxx refers quantity in no's) not found.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supply Planning Work Center.
  2. Select Products View.
  3. On products, filter for product ID XYZ(xyz refers product id).
  4. Choose Open.
  5. On the Product Planning Details screen you use Run Planning Button, Single or Multi-Level BoM, or choose on New Planning Proposal button.
  6. Receive Error Message: Production model for Product ID on Date for quantity not found*

*When using new planning proposal button, the error will appear after you enter quantity and date.


You have set the Maximum Lot Size as YYY (example - 10,000) in your Release Planning Model (RPM) but you are trying to run planning for a quantity XXX (example - 10,0001) which is more than the maximum lot size.

Note : The same logic applies for Minimum Lot Size as well where the planning quantity should not be less than maintained value.

Aslo note that the system behaves in this manner when there the planning procedure is Manual Planning or Empty. The behavior will change based on the Lot-Sizing Method used in planning procedure Demand-Driven Planning or Consumption-Based Planning on case to case basis.


Change the maximum lot size in your production model and release it for planning and execution by following the below steps.

  1. Go to the Planning and Production Master Data work center.
  2. Select the Production Model view.
  3. Search for the relevant production model.
  4. Select the searched model and choose Edit button.
  5. In the production model screen, go to the General tab.
  6. Here change the Maximum Lot Size to a quantity as per your requirement.
  7. Choose Release Production Model drop down and then select For Planning and Execution.

Note: If you use new planning proposal button, then enter quantity less than maximum lot size or quantity more than minimum lot size as a temporary work-around.

See Also

You can also refer the knowledge base article -   1975103 - Error in Planning Run: "Production model for <Product ID / Panning Area> on DD.MM.YYYY for quantity X not found"


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