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2195696 - SEPA Payment File Information


You have generated an outgoing bank transfer in SEPA format.

You expected that the file has the payment ID or invoice ID in a different way that you can see on the xml file.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Cash and Liquidity Management work center
  2. Go to Outbound Files view
  3. Select the outgoing file created for SEPA payment transfer
  4. Download the file
  5. You will see the following tags at the bottom of the file:

<PmtInf> <RmTInf><Ustrd>

These tags will have a value XXX that does not correspond to the expected one, such as Invoice ID, External Reference Number, etc.


SEPA file is generated with the mentioned tag filled with the values existing on Memo Line of the Outgoing Bank Transfer.

Memo Lines are generated automatically by the system according to the rules defined on Outgoing Bank Transfers activity, on Edit Payment Correspondence Profiles


 If you want to change the memo line for the SEPA payment medium format you should change the rules defined on the Payment Correspondence Profiles:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center
  2. Select Implementation Projects and click on the current open project
  3. On Fine-Tuning tab search for the activity Outgoing Bank Transfers and click on Open
  4. Select the option Edit Payment Correspondence Profiles
  5. Select the row for the SEPA Credit Transfer and Direct Debit
  6. On the details panel, change the settings to generate memo lines with the desired value.


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