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2187183 - SFTP Standards


You will find in this article the standards for SuccessFactors SFTP accounts. The account related topics in this article are:

  • How do I request an SFTP account?
  • Is there a limit to how many accounts a customer can have?
  • How are accounts named?
  • Do SFTP accounts have expiration dates?
  • Do SFTP passwords have to be changed?
  • If I have forgotten my password, can it be recovered?
  • Is password-less authentication possible?
  • Can I create my own key pair to authenticate on your SFTP servers?
  • What methods can be used to connect to SFTP resources?
  • How does the customer Data Retention Standard works?
  • What is the File Naming Standard?
  • What is the Maximum File Count Restrictions?
  • Client Root Folder Volume Size
  • Attempt to block the SFTP account
  • Read Only access to SFTP folder


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How do I request an SFTP account and what are the number of accounts?

Please follow the article 2278826 - SuccessFactors SFTP account details

Connecting Test SFTP Development Instance

A customer's test SFTP account details can be used to set up the scheduled jobs of their development instance. The customer, or Partner or Professional Services consultant working on their behalf, needs to configure this set up.

To do this, the customer/partner enters the test SFTP account username and password into the scheduled job in their development instance, and alters the file path URL so that the files are saving to a different location in the FTP folder.

Account Naming

New SFTP account names will typically match the existing customer Company ID or customer account number.

Password Details

The password is a random, system generated password with a password complexity including a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. The password length will be autogenerated with anywhere between 8 to 12 characters. It is not possible to change the size of the password as this size is standard in our side.

Account Expiration Dates

SFTP account expiration depends on the account type:

Standard SFTP Accounts - All files from all folders including customer folders and directories stored in SuccessFactors SFTP accounts(s) will be purged 14 days after creation (Effective June 2nd, 2018). It is not possible to extend this time.

Temporary SFTP Accounts - For activity related to implementation or migration, a request for a Temporary SFTP account, which will be excluded from the standard file retention policy, can be requested.   Important: This SFTP account will have a preset expiration date after which the entire SFTP account will be automatically deactivated and deleted.

For more information, you can reference to the KBA 2620488 - SuccessFactors SFTP service Purge Policy update.

Password Reset / Change Policy

Because of the ‘service account’ nature of SFTP accounts, and the significant role they play in automation, we do not currently enforce a password reset policy.

**Note: Please be aware that by resetting the original password of the SFTP account it will cause any existing jobs using this password to fail to connect to the SFTP. **

Please see kba - 2149831 - To contact Professional Services, Partner and Account Management Team / to arrange any existing jobs with new SFTP account passwords from partner/consulting

Password-less Authentication

The use of key pairs to provide password-less authentication is supported. SuccessFactors strongly recommends the use of password-less authentication. This is especially useful for enabling automation functionality while avoiding scripts which contain references to secure passwords.

For more information about the steps to connect to SuccessFactors hosted SFTP servers using the SSH Key, please refer to the KBA 2653173  - Generating SSH Key pair and uploading on SuccessFactors SFTP servers.

Customer Data Retention Standard

Timeline: All SFTP stored data has a lifecycle of 14 days maximum. This rule is implemented to maintain a reasonable storage availability.

Encryption: All SFTP stored data is kept in the same form as it is sent by the customer. No encryption on stored files is currently implemented.

Extend Lifecycle

This is currently not possible.

Large File Removal Standard

SF/SAP SFTP Support maintains the right to remove large data files, either in single file or in aggregate form which causes significant negative impact on our storage availability.

If stored files are presenting a critical issue to other customers because of exhausted storage volume resources, we may remove these files with express approval of Management.

Management will notify the customer prior to service request fulfillment.

Globalscape File Naming Standard

GlobalScape products follow the standard Windows naming conventions, with a few exceptions (such as no support for Unicode characters).

You can name files using almost any character for a name, except for the following reserved characters: < > : " / \ | ? *

The maximum length for a path is 255 characters. This limitation includes the drive letter, colon, backslash, directories, subdirectories, filename, and extension.

Maximum File Count Restrictions

All user folders are monitored for total file count. If a folder is found to contain more than 50k files without the use of subfolders, the account runs the risk of being disabled until the files are organized into smaller separated containers.

This restriction is in place due to the large memory hit which occurs when automation must iterate the metadata associated with files located in a target directory. If concurrent connections exist for a single user with high file counts, this can negatively impact the server, and can result in a service outage for all users.

Client Root Folder Volume Size

Currently the root folder size is 10GB.

Attempt to block the SFTP account

SFTP accounts are restricted to a maximum of 10 concurrent connection.

Read Only access to SFTP folder

Right now our EFT server doesn't support this.We cant create or grant read-only access to a specific folder.

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