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2185515 - Automatic Clearing of Source Document Failed for Invoice Reversal


You have posted customer/ supplier invoice XYZ with posting date DD.MM.YYYY. You cleared this invoice with a posting date after the posting date of the invoice.

Later you need to reverse the customer/ supplier invoice. Therefore you first cancel the clearing with a posting date after the posting date of the invoice as well as the original clearing (DD+X.MM+X.YYYY).

You then reverse the customer/ supplier invoice:
The cancelation invoice ABC is not getting posted but appears as unposted source document in the General Ledger workcenter reporting the following error: Automatic clearing of source document with posting date DD.MM.YYYY failed. Customer Invoice XYZ to be cleared has postings assigned with posting date DD+X.MM+X.YYYY. Create a new manual clearing containing only XYZ and save the clearing. Then post the source document.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the General Ledger navigate to the Closing Cockpit view and here to the Source Documents sub-view.
  2. Automatically the Unposted Source Documents are shown.
  3. You find the cancellation invoice ABC here stating the above error message.


In certain cases an invoice cancelation is being created as a separate open item. This is the case when a follow-on document, such as a clearing and its cancelation, is posted after the posting date of the cleared invoice.
When a cancelation invoice is created as open item the system automatically tries to clear the cancelation document with the original document with a posting date greater than the posting date of the two involved documents (the invoice XYZ and the cancelation ABC). However; as there exist postings related to the original invoice that are even greater than the automatically chosen date this error message is being triggered.


To be able to post the cancellation invoice ABC you need to block the automatic clearing attempt by creating a manual clearing, only for the original customer invoice XYZ, without actually clearing it:

1. In the Receivables/Payables workcenter navigate to the Customer/Supplier Accounts view.
2. Find the respective account and press view to open the Trade Receivables/Payables - Invoices/Payments tab.
3. Select the customer/supplier invoice XYZ and press Clear Manually.
4. Now press Save (Do not really clear the invoice).

Post the Cancelation:
5. After this navigate to the General Ledger workcenter and here to the Source Documents view.
6. Highlight the business transaction of the cancelation invoice ABC and press Actions - Post Business Transaction.

Clear the invoice and its cancelation:

7. The posting should now be generated and the cancelation invoice ABC will then appear as open item in the Trade Receivables/Payables  list of the customer/supplier monitor.
8. You can now clear the original invoice with the cancelation invoice manually.


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