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2177797 - Substitute credit not being recognized


After creating a substitute item sometimes the substitute is not recognized, causing other items to still be assigned.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create 2 items, for example item A and item B
  2. Go to item A, and under the Related tab choose Substitutes
  3. Click the green plus sign to add a new substitute, and choose item B as the substitute
  4. Choose a completion status, whether you want to force credit or not, and if you would like to have an effective date or not
  5. Now when the user completes item B, if item A was also on the learning plan then it would be marked complete as well


Here are the things that affect the substitute credit:

  1. Program agenda substitutes are not applicable.
    • Substitute credit does not apply to Program Agenda items, it only aplies free-floating or curricula items.

  2. Substitutes must be enabled 
    • Go to System Admin > Configuration > Global Application Settings, select Enable Substitutes and possibly Enable Substitutes in Curriculum Requirements.

  3. 'Credit for Base Item If Not Assigned' and 'Effective Date' Values.

'Provide Credit for Base Item If Not Assigned' option controls whether the past substitute item completion will give credit to parent item or not

*** Assuming that Item B is substitute of Item A, and Item A is in the user learning plan...

When Item A is free-floating:

    • If checked, it will give credit from all (past and future) completions of Item B, depending on the effective date
      • If you provide a date in the Effective Date box, then the system ignores any substitute completions for a user if the user completed the substitute item before that date
      • If you do not provide a value in the Effective Date box, then the system accepts any completion of the substitute item
    • If not checked, only future completions of Item B can give credit to parent item as long as the parent item A is on the learning plan
      • If the completion date of the substitute item is earlier than the assignment date of the parent, it will not give credit to the parent item even if it is in the user's learning plan. (But it will give credit if they are both in the learning plan.)

When Item A is assigned though Curriculum:

    • Substitute credit will always be given to item A whether or not the 'Provide Credit for Base Item If Not Assigned' is ticked and no matter what the completion date of Item B. 
  1. Revision substitute: You revise an item but would like the old revision to be substitute of the new revision
    • If you create it AFTER the revision is completed, it will be a problem as it won’t apply to people who immediately get affected by the new revision
    • You must NOT make the revision production ready… set up the substitute relationship, then make the revision production ready

  2. Substitute of a substitute: Subsitute of a substitute cannot count as a credit to complete an item

Note: Completion date for items with substitute relationship has to be greater than the item assignment date, otherwise, substitute credit will not be given. Force Credit is only applied at the time of substitute relationship creation. If Force Credit is checked after substitute relationship creation, it will only apply upon next substitute item completion

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