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2172114 - EC2MDF Phase 3 Migration Notice – Release b1511


This notice is to inform customers, partners and internal teams, that Employee Central customers should expect a delay updating objects migrated following the b1511 release. This will apply to the release to test instances and then again as the production environments are being updated.

What is expected? 

As a part of the EC2MDF migration (Phase 3), Foundation Object data for Job Function, Job Classification (jobCode), Pay Group and Pay Calendar,  will be migrated to MDF objects. This process is completed via a backend script. This script cannot be executed until the b1511 code update has been completed. This script will run after the established maintenance window closes. The total processing time for this script is expected to take up to an additional 36 hours to complete running against all customer instances. It is expected that only 25% of Employee Central customer instances will be completed with-in established release maintenance window.

How will this “script” impact my instance and user access?

Upon completion of the normal release maintenance window, all instances will be accessible to all end users. The following restrictions apply:

  • Customers should not update the objects that are being migrated from Foundation Objects (FO) to MDF. Updating includes adding or editing any time slice for Job Function, Job Classification, Job Family, Pay Group and Pay Calendar. These changes must be postponed until after the script has completed.
  • Changes to employment data (MSS, History) will not be possible if they involve changes to above mentioned Foundation Objects. The fields for these migrated FOs will display numbers (internal IDs) and the drop-down help will not provide any values.

These restrictions no longer apply once the migration scrips have completed running for your instance.

How can I tell if the script has completed on my instance?

A temporary function has been enabled in Admin Tools specifically to check on the migration status. This can be viewed by naviagating to:

  1. Admin Center > Employee Files > Check Migration Status (New Admin Tools) OR Admin Tools > Manage Foundation Objects > Check Migration Status
  2. Detailed information will reflect the overall status and the status of each of the 5 migration steps (Country/Currency, Data Model, Data, Update Views, Update Caches)
  • If all objects are "Not Started", the migration is in process, check back later

  • If all objects show as "Completed", then you are safe to resume normal operations

  • If any item show as “Failed”, please open a support incident for additional investigation

What will happen if I make changes to the migrated objects before the script has completed?

This will prevent the script from successfully migrating these objects. This will create data problems in your instance that will likely result in system downtime that will prevent your end users from accessing the system.

Where can I access the most current information on this release?

This Knowledge Base Article will be updated with any new information or changes which may occur.

What about any Worflows pending approval that contain data related to the migrated objects?

The workflows will work as normal after release. No special actions/preparations will be needed.

What should be considered whilst implementing Employee Central during an EC2MDF migration release?

This is more directed at Partners, Support Personnel and Consultants - Please be very careful when working with Data Model XML's during the release weekend. As Foundation Objects move to MDF, there will be changes to both the Succession Data Model AND Corporate Data Model. Things to note are -:

1) Be sure to compare the Succession Data Model you are working with, with the Succession Data Model held on the instance after release. If there are associations related to the migrated objects with other objects, then you will need to ensure the extra fieldCriteria is included in the XML you are working from, otherwise this will cause filtering issues with the fields in Job Information. The best practice in this scenario is to make sure the Succession Data Model is up to date prior to b1511 release, and then download the fresh/updated Succession Data Model from the instance in question after release, and continue working from this version.

2) Please note that it will still be possible to include migrated FO's in the Corporate Data Model XML. This can cause behavioural issues with the system. Please be sure that if you are working with an offline version of the Corporate Data Model, that you download a new copy from the instance after migration and work from that. If you do import a Corporate Data Model which includes a migrated Foundation Object (migrated in b1511) you will get a warning message noting that the object has been migrated -:

WARNING FO type jobCode is invalid in corporate data model. It has been migrated to generic object. WARNING FO type jobClassLocal is invalid in corporate data model. It has been migrated to generic object. WARNING FO type jobFunction is invalid in corporate data model. It has been migrated to generic object. WARNING FO type payGroup is invalid in corporate data model. It has been migrated to generic object. Corporate Data Model has been uploaded successfully. WARNING FO type payCalendar is invalid in corporate data model. It has been migrated to generic object. Corporate Data Model has been uploaded successfully

In b1602 this warning message will be changed to an Error message to prevent the Corporate Data Model from being imported. The reason it is currently a warning message is because of the extra time needed to migrate all customers Foundation Objects to MDF (as per point above - under "What is expected").

If you would like to compare changes between the XML you are working from and the XML in the instance after upgrade, please use an application such as KDIFF to compare the XML files to understand the changes the migration script has made.


Employee Central 2.0 - b1511


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