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2145775 - Open Items List in Balance Confirmation Displays Document ID Instead of External Document ID


You have noticed that the Receivables or Payables balance confirmations the documents are displayed with their actual Document ID. But you expected that the confirmations display the External Document IDs.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Payables (Receivables) workcenter navigate to the Suppliers (Customers) - Balance Confirmation view.
  2. Select a balance confirmation and press Preview - Print.
  3. In the generated pdf preview you can see that in the Open Items table in the first column the actual document ID are displayed. Here you expected to display the external reference IDs.


Previously an issue has been reported where the fields Document ID and the Reference ID contain the same values, the external ID, in form templates. A software correction has been implemented to correct this error. Now both fields contain the respective values.
After the correction, the field referring to the Reference ID now ly displays the actual document ID and not the external document ID anymore.


To have the external reference ID displayed for documents in the Open Items list of the balance confirmations the Balance Notification form template needs to be amended in the Easy Form Editor:

  1. In the Application and User Management workcenter navigate to the Business Flexibility - Form Template Maintenance view.
  2. Select the Balance Notification form template.
  3. Press Open - Easy Form Editor.
  4. In the Sections navigate to Table and open it by clicking on the small arrow.
  5. Highlight the Column row underneath. This way the Details: Columns table appears.
  6. In this table highlight the first item with description Reference ID.
  7. Press Remove to remove this entry.
  8. Press Add - Column to add a new column.
  9. In the Pop-up window drill down to the item called StartEndBalancePerCurrencyItem[*] and open it by clicking on the small arrow.
  10. Now go to the item called PartnerBaseBusinessTransactionDocumentReference and open it.
  11. Select ID (Its field name is Document ID) and move it over to the table on the right (Selected).
  12. Press OK.
  13. The first column of the table now appears with label and description Document ID. But this field does refer to the external document ID.
  14. You can rename the label of the column according to your requirements.
  15. Press Save to save the changes.
  16. Verify the changes in the preview on the right  by clicking Refresh.
  17. If you are happy with the outcome press Publish and Close.
  18. In the pop-up confirm by clicking OK.
  19. Repeat steps 1 to 18 for all language version of the balance notification template.

After these steps the Open Items table in the Receivables as well as Payables balance confirmations will now display the external reference IDs of the respective documents.


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