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2116657 - Test Executions of Boomi processes write huge amounts of data to the Atom Cloud’s disk space - Boomi platform SF Cloud atoms


  • While designing the Boomi processes, a developer has an option to run these processes in test mode.


  • Test executions of the Boomi Processes consume high amount of Disk Space on Boomi Atom Cloud.


  • Boomi platform - SuccessFactors Cloud Atoms


As per the existing Boomi behavior,

  1. Test Mode is limited to a maximum of 10 files (documents) per inbound connector step. 
  2. Test mode is also limited to a maximum aggregate data size of 1 MB across the entire process execution.

These limitations are described here:

Despite these limitations, under some circumstances test executions of Boomi processes can run for an unusually long time and/or write unexpectedly large amounts of data to disk. In some cases, test process execution continues in the background although the user has returned to Boomi content editing and will not even need or see the test execution results anymore.


The issue will be fixed by limiting the number of messages that can be written to the test messages/ folder and if the limit is exceeded, the process will be aborted. 

The fix will involve aborting the process in test mode if it produces too many test messages.​​

So with or without this fix, users will either need to limit the amount of data being processed in Test Mode as described below, or execute the process in Manage -> Process Reporting.

  • If there is any high Disk Space usage on the Atom, then as an Interim process Boomi Operations team will inform the customer about this and stop these Test executions. 

Guidelines for customers to limit the Disk space usage

Please follow these guidelines when running processes in Test Mode and communicate them to your local cloud users:

  1. You should configure your connector to process less data (less than 10 documents) for future tests.
  2. You should configure filters and/or other selection criteria in the inbound connector operations or profile to limit the size of data read into the process (less than 1 MB).
  3. When cancelling a process run in test mode, you should always select the Cancel Test Execution button. If users select the Return to Edit Mode button, the test may continue to run behind the scenes and fill up the disk with test messages until we make this fix available in a future release.


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