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2099828 - Employee Central: How to see the label of the column when creating Ad Hoc Reports


  • This article describes how in In Ad-Hoc reports we can find out more information about which column is being selected or has been selected previously. 


  • I am not sure about which column has been selected in an Ad Hoc Report, how can I find out more information?


  • Employee Central


  • In Ad-Hoc reports such as the Person and Employment Export report there is a method we can use find out more information about which column is being selected or has been selected previously. Rather than having to go through each of the individual tabs on the left side in turn to find a column - the user can hover over the column already selected or is being selected.
  • Here in this example, when editing the Ad Hoc report, 3 dateOfBirth related fields are being selected on a new report (this can also apply to an existing report) and this could appear confusing about which column is being used. If we want to understand where this data comes from within EC for troubleshooting or report creation purposes ( so we can maybe choose other related columns in the same tab object  ) we can hover over the fields to see which tab object the column is part of and also the data type the column has. See below.


  •  Hover over the different dateofbirth related fields and we see that one of them is located in the  Employee Information tab object and is a Timestamp type field, whilst the one in the Emergency Contact Info field is a Date field. When running the report if we are seeing differing results in these columns fields this data type difference may explain why.



  • We now understand what these columns are and which tab they come from.

    We can do similar when choosing a column from All Columns tab - where sometimes it is not clear which tab the column comes from as there are so many columns listed.


  •  Here for the Notification column again the data type is shown as well.



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