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2091061 - Job Collection Specifications for the legacy job collection method- Recruiting Marketing


What are the job collection specifications for the legacy job import/ job collection method. Note this method is considered a legacy method and Real Time Job Sync is the recommended configuration.


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing with Job Collection method (non RTJS customer)


 Below is the detailed explanation of the ‘Job Model’ that the Jobs2Web job collection utilizes. When reviewing job collection details with your Clients, please refer to this document for required fields, standards, and how they relate to the Clients ATS.

When possible, there should be an effort to ensure consistency across a single job collection. Ensuring the same data is displayed in each job, in the same location, in a consistent manner will allow us to create a more inclusive collection, fully utilizing analytics and related resources to better the application results.

As a rule, the accuracy and completion of the job listing we create will only be as accurate and complete as the data we are provided to work with. If we are provided minimal data, in an inconsistent format, then the data available to be collected will vary greatly from job to job. If we are provided a feed to the clients’ jobs, eliminating the need to drill thru multiple location, category and similar dropdown/criteria selections, the collection will run more efficiently, and we’ll be able to obtain more data. Also, an XML feed is required if the client ATS has a cap on the amount of jobs that can be returned in a search on the ATS
The J2W job collection technology uses a robotic method similar to the navigation a user would employ while searching for jobs, and the fewer clicks and options required to create the search results will lead to a more effective, accurate and inclusive collection of the postings.


Data Model

Client Job ID: The Client Job ID is the ID or reference code that is tied to the job. This is a unique number used to differentiate the jobs apart. This can be a combination of letters and or numbers. This field needs to be visible either on the Search Results/Job Detail portion of the ATS (In the same location, or tagged as such if possible), or embedded in the Apply URL in a manner that it can be extracted with a standard operation. Note: Postings with duplicate ID’s will not be accepted. (REQUIRED)

Apply URL: This is the URL that the candidate will land on when applying for the job. Typically, this is a combination of the root of the career site, plus the Client Job ID appended, along with any partner or site ID information. This URL cannot contain any session based cookie that will expire over time. (REQUIRED)
Employer: The client name. This is automatically populated when the job collection is run. Please include the correct spelling and display the Client would like to appear on the listing.

Title: Title of the position. When possible, this field should be singled out on its own line, pulled from the page of search results, or tagged with a unique ID from the ATS. (REQUIRED)

Description: Description of the job. This can contain as little data as the description itself, ranging all the way up to the inclusion of all detail (Title, Pay, Travel, Education etc.) Note: Special characters, nonstandard HTML formatting and related may cause undesired display results, poor formatting, or exclusion from external vendors/sources. Please limit formatting to bold tags and line breaks. Any other HTML formatting will be stripped out. (REQUIRED)

Location: The location of the job will be created from the City, State and Country Code fields. It is critical that this data be entered in a consistent format to ensure accurate location creation. – This field is populated automatically on the J2W systems. Please see the Location Mapping Document for detailed location data.

City: City where the position is located. Please do not “Virtual”, “Multiple”, etc inclusions as this is not a definitive location to provide location details on and will not display properly for mapping and SEO markets. (REQUIRED)
State: State/Province where the position is located. Please avoid using “Virtual”, “Multiple”, etc inclusions as this is not a definitive location to provide location details on. If available, use the two letter abbreviation to help ensure accurate capture of data. (REQUIRED)

Country Code:This is the Country where the position is located. Please use a consistent entry of the Country Code (US, AU, DE, etc) or spell the full common name of the Country. J2W will map the Country names to the Country Code, however correct spelling is required to convert complete names. (REQUIRED)

Postal Code: Zip code of the position. This is not a requirement, however aids in the location mapping of the position.

Locale: This is a system generated field used to inform the J2W platform of language characteristics for various items within the site. It is based off of the Country Code entered above. The value will default to en_US unless additional language packs are included in the RMP.

Note on Locations – Using a format of City, ST, CC, or City-State-Country Code is acceptable, however mixing of formats (if only one entry is being used for City, State, Country) could produce undesired results by placing jobs in the wrong location and SEO market due to inconsistent location formatting.

Category: Category or Industry the listing falls under. Example would be ‘Information Technology’, ‘Healthcare’, ‘Retail’ or other broad descriptions. This field is used in the categorization and targeting of the jobs to the appropriate business sectors. Improper use or blank category field may result in less accurate distribution and lack of display in the desired career fields.

Department: Department or work area that describes the job. This would be a sub-listing under the Category field. Examples of this would be ‘Clinical Staff’, ‘Web Development’, etc.

Shift: The Shift field designates the when the job hours are. Typically this will be listed as ‘First Shift’, ‘Overnight’, ‘8-5’ etc.

Job Type: The Job Type field will designate what type of position this is. Typically, this will be ‘Full-Time’, ‘Part-Time’, ‘Contract’.

Compensation:Compensation for the job. While this can contain a text value, such as ‘Varies’ or ‘Competitive’, including a numerical amount would help with analytic tracking and provide more detail to the listing. You may include an ‘Hourly’ or ‘Salaried’ listing as well, ex: $18.50/hr, or $56,000/year. You may also include a range of compensation as well, ex: $28,000-$35,000.

Facility: Physical location/branch where the posting is located at. This could be ‘1514 Left Street, Store #0380’ or ‘Northbrook Branch’.

Post Date: Date the job is posted – Unless otherwise requested by the client, this is auto populated by the J2W system, on the date the job was initially processed in our system. Format will always be dd-mmm-yyyy.

End Date: Date the job will expire, or close. This field is not required, however helpful to include if known.

Product/Service: This provides a more detailed focus or work area of the Department and Category Fields. Examples of this could be ‘Windows Development’, or ‘Embedded Software Engineer’.

Business Unit:This field is used to describe the target area of the posting. Examples could be ‘Educational Software’, ‘Mobile Devices’. The field is not required, however if included will provide better analytic results.
Required Education: Enter in the education required for this position. Examples might include ‘High School’, ‘Some College’, ‘Masters’. This will aid in the distribution and targeting of the properly skilled audience.
Required Experience: Enter in the amount of experience needed to fill the opening. Examples might include ‘Entry Level’, ‘5+ Years’, etc.

Required Degree: Enter the degree required for the position you are listing. Examples might include ‘Diploma’, ‘BS of Information Technology’, ‘Masters Degree in Business’.

Required Certification: The certification required to be considered for the opening. Examples might include ‘CCNA’, ‘LPN’, ‘MCSE’.

Required Travel: If the position listed requires travel, you would enter the amount (in a percentage value) here. Some examples may be ‘50%’, ‘10%-30%’, ‘None’.

Ad Code: If you are using a particular code for this listing that directs the routing or for additional handling information enter this here.

Campaign Code: If this listing is being posted as part of a hiring campaign, and you will be tracking the applications by campaign, enter that code here.

Recruiter ID: If there is are particular recruiters linked with job posting or as a referral point, enter that here.
Client/Customer: If the job is being posted is represented by a third party for the client; list the reference in this field.

Brand: This is a field used internally at J2W to assign a brand ID for a multi-brand site setup. If this applies to you, please provide a list of criteria to call out the different brands that will be collected in the Job Collection. Example, if there is a parent company, and three child companies in the same ATS we are collecting.


Following, is a copy an example of our XML Job Model. It can be used to plan what data to provide in your ATS, or to build an XML feed as well. The feed would typically be created by a member of your IT staff, or ATS Administrator.

XML Data Field

Required / Optional

Description - (fill in with appropriate description of data)



Client unique identifier of the job



Employer Name



Where will we find the Job Title



Rules for scraping Description (start/stop, formatting)



In the format city, state abbr, iso code, zip code



In the city



State Abbeviation (2char)



ISO Country code (2 char)



Postal Code (10char)



What page should person land on after business card.



Department posting the job



Job category/Industry listed in the ATS



Locale of the job - Default is English: en_US



Shift - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, weekends, etc….



Part-time, full-time, contract temporary, etc.



The store or location name where the job is located



Date the job was posted on the ATS - if available



Date the job expires



Product or service associated with the position



Business unit with the company that the position is in



Compensation range for the position



Education required for the position



Experience required for the position



Degree required for the position



Certification required (CPA, LPN etc)



Travel required for the position



Allow the recruiters to identify jobs to be included in adv campaigns



Invisible campaign code captured for J2W reporting or distribution



The id of the recuiter associated with the job



Customer of J2W client -- if applicable ex. Ad Agency



Extra Data Field 1



Extra Data Field 2



Extra Data Field 3



Extra Data Field 4



Extra Data Field 5



Brand notation for multi-brand job collection


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