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2090960 - Issues with mapping of jobs on the map - Recruiting Marketing


The interactive Map functionality for the Recruiting Marketing Platform is intended to give candidates an easy, accessible way to find jobs that are closest to them. However, there are occasions where the Map doesn't place the jobs in the correct locations, for various reasons.

   Jobs are appearing in the wrong location on the map. These jobs may be:

  • Placed at the wrong latitude and longitude of where the location should be.
  • Mapping to an entirely wrong location (Location of req is Berlin, Germany but is mapping to Berlin, Pennsylvania).
  • Not appearing on the Map at all.


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A job appears at the wrong latitude and longitude, the root cause is likely our location database having the wrong X and Y coordinates for a given location.
If Career Site Builder is used, there is a feature included to manually override these values by editing the job or company location through Google Maps: 

  1. In Career Site Builder, navigate to Global > Locations
  2. Click the editing icon on the right side of the row you wish to edit.
  3. Open Google Maps on a separate screen.
  4. Find the latitude and longitude numbers in Google Maps by placing a pin in the location, which makes the URL contain the exact coordinates of the pin.
  5. Copy the coordinate numbers from the URL in Google Maps into the Latitude and Longitude boxes. Latitude values range from -90 to 90. Negative values indicate south, while positive values indicate north. Longitude values range from -180 to 180. Negative values indicate west, while positive values indicate east. Two decimal places plot to a town or village, three decimal places plot to a neighborhood, and four decimal places plot to an individual street or land parcel. Customers cannot zoom in closer than a neighborhood on the RMK Google Map, so the location does not need to be exact.
  6. Click Save

Note that when location information is changed, the system will add the location to a maintenance queue to update the job index before changes are visible on the job map. There may be a delay before updates are propagated to the job map.

For legacy sites, this would need to be addressed to support via an incident.

A job is mapped to an entirely wrong location, the root cause is usually fairly innocuous. When a job is mapped to a location, the Recruiting Marketing Platform makes a check based on orthography to determine where to map a job
If for example a job that should be appearing in Berlin, DE is actually appearing in Berlin, PA. This is usually due to the location data that we receive from the ATS: the location itself is either inaccurately listed, not containing sufficient detail, or is formatted incorrectly.

The Jobs2Web platform requires each job to have a single, city-specific location. Job seekers, search engines, aggregators, social media sites, and job boards all utilize location as a core component of their search.
A job with a single, city-specific location is a key differentiator in promoting and marketing your jobs to potential candidates.
Jobs that do not contain a single, city-specific location will display the location as it is listed in the applicant tracking system. This may cause the job to display incorrectly on a map, exclude the job from search results, and potentially not be distributed to search engines, job aggregators, and other distribution systems.

The preferred, standardized location format is for example:

  • Minneapolis, MN, US: City, State, Country is the strongly preferred format for United States jobs
  • Berlin, DE: For international jobs, the recommended format for the location is: City, Country. Though state and Post Codes can also be recognized but are not required.

Jobs are not appearing on the Map at all, this may be due to several factors:

  • The job is not posted/imported into RMK :First and foremost, make sure the job is posted externally and present in RMK. Search for the job in the “search all jobs”/”view all jobs” section of the site.
  • The location is too small: Typically, the RMK Map only maps to locations of 3rd order or higher, meaning small villages, towns, unincorporated townships, and neighborhoods are excluded from the Map.
  • The location isn't "real": Mapping to a location like "SuccessFactors Southwest Office", or "Remote", or "Customer Quality Center, Nevada" aren't "real" locations. A city name must be used.
  • The location is too broad: Mapping to a county, state, country, continent, island, or regional area won't map.
  • The job has multiple locations: If a job has multiple locations (Minneapolis-Saint Paul-Bloomington-Richfield), then it won't map at all (as it has no orthographic matches). A job with multiple locations can map, but it needs a primary or main location defined.

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