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  • This article addresses issues with your company logo not appearing in the PDF download forms.
  • Why is my company logo not appearing in the PDF print version of my form?
  • Why is an image in my form not showing in the PDF?


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  • When you have images and logos in your form, there are requirements that need to be met to enable both the logo and other images to correctly show in PDF printouts. PMT-5486

Company Logo

  • When you are entering the logo URL via Company System and Logo Settings you must enter the absolute URL and NOT the relative URL if you want the PDF logo to appear when printing the form to PDF. The logo URL is data center sensitive as well.

For a client in our New Jersey data center this is how it might look:

For a client in our Arizona data center this is how it should look:

  • Absolute URL:
  • Relative URL: (this will not allow the form to print out via PDF): /logo/CLIENTLOGO.jpg

    External non-SF-hosted URLs should work in all of our data centers so long as you use the absolute URL; if not, please open a support ticket so we can investigate your parameters.
    Here are some examples of what your URL might look like for the server you are on. (If you do not know which data center you are on, please open a support ticket and we will provide you that information.)

    NJ Data Center:;
    AZ Data Center:;
    EU Data Center:;
    Sales Demo:;
    Sales Demo4:;
    EU Sales Demo:;

Images Within the Form

  • In addition to the logo, you might also have other images in the body or sections of your form. These need to be configured with relative URL's and not absolute URL's, in essence the opposite to the logo requirements PMT-5486. So for other images please make sure that they all use relative links in the template code. The location of your images is best setup by Customer Success, so that we can upload your images into the servers relative to your instance and then we will provide you the URL to each image to put into your template xml. If our engineers are creating your template then we will handle all of the configuration.
  • So for the above examples for the logo, for similar images used within the form following are examples of what the URL's might look like in the template code. Notice that as it is relative, it is the same regardless of the data center your instance might be on.

   NJ Data Center: /img/CLIENTLOGO;
   AZ Data Center: /img/CLIENTLOGO;
   EU Data Center: /img/CLIENTLOGO;
   Sales Demo: /img/CLIENTLOGO;
   Sales Demo4: /img/CLIENTLOGO;
   EU Sales Demo: /img/CLIENTLOGO;

  • Note: If you are having troubles with the logo or an internal image not displaying please open a case with Customer Success so we can validate if the images have been successfully loaded into the correct data center servers and that the references to your images and logos correctly match the location and the requirements outlined above.
  • If you host images externally (to SF) on your own internal servers, then these will not work or show in PDF printouts, as you will need to use absolute URL's to external images, and these are not supported by our PDF compiler.  Please consider hosting your images within SuccessFactors to address this issue.


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