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  • Administrator tasks and locations for managing system properties


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System Properties


Use the following table to refer to tasks you are likely to perform to set various system properties. Those in the white boxes are commonly performed. Those in the gray boxes are less common. Those in yellow boxes are things you'd have to call SuccessFactors Support to do.





1. Send a message out to all users, groups of users, or individuals

Manage Users/Send System Message Email Notification

This is an easy way to communicate with users.

2. Suppress a System-generated email

System Properties/Email Notification Template Settings

Just de-select the email you want suppress. *While the default is that all emails are turned on, perhaps your default thinking should be to turn them all off then turn them on judiciously.

3. Modify a system generated email

System Properties/Email Notification Template Settings

It's probably a good thing to modify ALL the emails to sound like they're 'Yours.' Do not modify words in brackets because the system auto fills those brackets with information.

4. Modify the 'Signature' of an email

System Properties/Email Notification Template Settings

You should absolutely do this!

5. Modify the username of the system in system generated emails


Manage Users/Change User Information


Emails look like they come from 'System System.' That's the first and last name given to the system in its 'user' information.
De-select the check box that says 'Active Users Only.' Then search on first name 'System.' Click the radio button next to the System-System user record that results, then click 'Edit Information.' Change the system's name!

6. Use a bulletin board to write messages to users

System Properties/Bulletin Board Message Settings

The Bulletin Board location is not too intuitive so you'd have to train people to look there and remind them of its existence in the beginning.
The Bulletin Board is in the Summary Tab of the users' documents page.

7. Change certain verbiage wherever it appears

System Properties/Text Replacement

I say 'competency,' you say 'attribute.' Change it here.


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