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2089417 - System: Notes: Quick Notes and How They Behave (Yellow Notes) - BizX Platform


  • This article reviews Quick Notes and how to use them.
  • How do the notes behave, who sees them, how are they used?

  • What are the character limitations for both Yellow Notes (Quick Notes) and PM Notes (Performance Manager Notes)


  • BizX Platform


Notes can typically be accessed from:

  1. Under the notes icon when you are looking at the form.
  2. Under any other notes icon your company may have created as a quicklink
  3. For Ultra clients under My Employee File Tab > in the Notes subtab.


Granting Permission to Create Notes:

Grant permission from admin tools > Default User Permission > Permission to Create Notes. All users and new users will by default be able to create notes. This is dynamic.

If you need to grant permission to an individual or group of users then you can permission this from:

Admin Tools > Manage Security  > Permission to Create Notes
Select from the following options:

  • Manage form create permission security through group of users
  • Manage form create permission security through individual users

For individuals, search for the user and grant permission. For groups of users you can define the groups using the filter options available. This option is not dynamic, and will only grant access to those people that meet the filter options at the time the permission was granted. New users to the system will not inherit this permission, so updates will be needed periodically using this method.

  • Any notes you make are visible to you under the quick link icon.
  • You can write a note about anyone.
  • These notes can be
    • (1) a private note to self, and they show up in the list, or
    • (2) a note sent to someone and they show up in the list.
    • In either of these cases, the notes can be about anyone.
  • Notes that are created for yourself (private note to self, subject is self) should show up on your form under the notes icon.
  • Notes that are created about your employee (private note to self, subject is employee) should show up on the employees form under the notes icon when you are looking at the form. The employee will not see the note that you wrote when they are looking at their form.
  • Notes that are sent to someone (“send note to”) show up in their notes but NOT in the notes icon in the form. The recipient will only be able to see the note, if they themsleves are granted the "Create New Note" permission.  Without this permission, only the creator of the Note can see the notes.  
  • If John reports to Terri, and Terri reports to Susan, Susan can send a note to Terri (“send note to”) about John that shows up in Terri’s quick links, but will not show up under the notes icon for Terri or John.


Deleting Notes

  • When a note is deleted it is permanently gone, as opposed to forms that can still be found and undeleted. If your note was to self, then once you delete it there is no other copy. If your note was sent to an employee, even if you delete it from your notes, the employee still retains the note sent about them. Once they delete their copy it is gone.


Exporting Notes

  • Quick Notes (Yellow Notes) can be exported from the system via a custom report. Please review the solution for exporting notes and then contact Customer Success to have this report installed.


Character Limitations

  1. The database limit for Yellow Notes is 4000 characters.
    Note: When entering a large amount of text, anything greater than 4000 characters will be truncated. Currently no warning is given so some text may be lost.
  2. Performance Manager Notes Character Limitation
  3. The PM notes feature has a character limitation of 1500 characters.


Additional Information:

  • Customers can only have one type of note enabled, not both. For information on migrating from PM Notes to Yellow Notes see solution "Important Facts Regarding Yellow Popup Notes and form-based PM Notes"
  • This yellow notes feature replaced an older PM form based notes feature from V9 which was deprecated 2010 when we ended support forV9 and V10. No clients should still be using the old PM form Notes.


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