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  • This article reviews permissions and where to set them.


  • BizX Platform


  • Administrator tasks and locations for managing permissions.



Use the following table to refer to tasks you are likely to perform to set permissions. Those in the white boxes are commonly performed. Those in the gray boxes are less common. Those in yellow boxes are things you'd have to call SuccessFactors Support to do.




1. Set permissions for the entire user group all at once

Manage Security/Default User Permissions

Most permissions are not 'blanket' granted. Form creation permissions for NOTES are probably most common.

2. Assign people to the Default User Group.

Manage Security/Default User Permissions

Users can't do ANYTHING unless they're in this group. People are added to this group automatically with a data import. You might never have to touch this link.

3. Revoke login permissions, inactivate users

Manage Security/Default User Permissions

Manage Users/Set User Status
Manage Users/User Import

All achieve the goal. Inactivating users through 'set user status' is good for those on LOA or similar.
A data import with the STATUS column changed to INACTIVE for a user will overwrite anything done in 'Set user status.' It's also easier to track, retrieve and remember.


4. Assign Administrative permissions


Manage Security/ Administrative Permissions


You can assign all admin permissions or 'Piecemeal' them out. Most people assign all.

*Best to have admin backups assigned

**A common support call occurs when a person accidentally locks him/herself out of admin.

5. Assign Reporting permissions

Manage Security/Detailed Reporting Privileges; (Analytics)

Enhanced Summary Report privileges


Detailed Report gives you the 'Reports' button on the left side. This is usually reserved to just a few in the organization.

Enhanced Summary Report gives you the Manager Dashboard tab in the 'Documents' page. Most managers want this one.


6. Assign Permission to Create Forms


Manage Security/ Permission to Create Forms


This must be granted before anyone sees forms inside the 'New Documents' button/wizard on the top right side of the Documents page.

7. Allow users to be recipients of a mass-created form


Manage Security/ Mass Create Group Permission


Use this to sort out people who don't need a form from those who do when you mass create forms.

You can grant mass create for a whole group, then revoke it for an individual in that group.

8. Set Password Policies

System Properties/Password Policy settings

If you change your initial settings, it may cause everyone to have to change their password on next login.

9. Set 'View' permissions for a form


Not Available directly through Admin.


Anyone in the Route Map for the form has a view into a read-only version of the form.

Viewing read-only forms is available through Detailed Reports as well.

10. Set Read-only or Read-write permissions by form section or for certain actions

Not Available

This is can be coded by a professional Services Consultant 


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