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The Custom Badges feature gives administrators the ability to modify the image and label associated with Badges feature in Employee Profile.  This feature allows administrators to align the Badges used in their system with their company values  and brand by customizing the badge image and badge name.

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Custom Badges


This feature is available to any customer who meets the following system prerequisites:

  • Legacy SF Badges feature enabled;
  • V12 UI Framework;
  • V12 Profile;
  • Generic Objects enabled;
  • Role-Based Permissions.


There is no new configuration setting to turn on the Custom Badges feature itself.  To learn more about configuring badges in role-based permissions (RBP), please refer to the KBA 2091377 - Enabling Custom Badges in Employee Profile Using Role-Based Permissions - Employee Profile.

  1. In the Manage Badges UI, you will see the SuccessFactors default Badges:


  1. Any badge can be disable with one click. Grayed-out badges are disabled:


NOTE: Default badges cannot be edited or customized.

  1. To add a new badge, click “Create A New Badge” to open the Create Badge UI:


  1. User can upload an image (up to 2MB) and crop it using the standard photo cropping tool (used in Employee Profile);

NOTE: The minimum size of the image is 85x85 as customers can cut the image as well. (Supported files are JPG, GIF or PNG file)

  1. User can add a badge name in the blank text field. It can be up to 30 characters, but the name will be truncated in some places if more than 10-12 characters;

NOTE: Custom Badges need both an image and a name before they can be saved.

  1. User can also choose to localize the Badge by adding the name in other languages used in their system. This is optional
  2. When a custom badge is saved, it is still disabled (grayed-out):


  1.  It must be enabled to be made available to users:


  1. After saving, a custom badge can still be edited or deleted at any time, as long the "pencil" and "X" icons appear;
  2. Once a badge has been used in the system (given to at least one user), then it is locked and cannot be edited or deleted:


  1.  All enabled badges are available to users in the "Give A Badge" UI:


  1. Up to 20 badges can be enabled at once and made available to users for peer-to-peer recognition;
  2. All badges (default and custom, enabled and disabled, locked and editable) are visible in the Manage Badges UI, as a record of employee recognition used everywhere in the system;
  3. Once required changes are made to the Badges Ad Hoc Report, reporting functionality is unchanged.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Ad hoc reporting is still available with custom badges.  However, there are some configuration changes that you must make after enabling custom badges.  Please refer to the KBA 2152166 - Ad Hoc Reporting on Badges - Employee Profile.

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