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2088530 - Passwords: Troubleshooting Forgot Password issues when Forgot Password email is not received - Platform


  • I did not receive the Reset Password notification to change my credentials;
  • I have sent a Reset Password Request, but have never received the e-mail with the instructions;
  • I'm unable to change my password through the "Forgot Password" feature;


SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


If a user is not receiving the Forgot Password e-mail triggered through the "Forget Password" feature, here are a few things to check:

Use the Check Tool to Identify any issues with the users password settings following steps below: 

  1. Naviage to Admin Center

  2. Go to Check Tool
  3. Under Application select User Management and Password Settings

  4. You can run checks to validate Password Settings are correct for the user see screen shot below:


  1. The results will show in the results column, the detailed results will provide proposed solutions if issues are found.

Additional Manual Checks:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Update User Information > Change User Email Notification and lookup if the username of the user reporting the issue has Email Notification checked.
  2. Go to Admin Center > Company Settings > Password & Login Policy Settings. If "Reset Password using a URL accessed through an email link" is enabled, you should also enable the template "Reset Password Support Notification" under Admin Center > Company Settings > E-mail Notification Template Settings
  3. Go to Admin Center > Company Settings > E-Mail Notification Templates Settings > and confirm if both "Forget Password Support Notification" and "Password Changed Notification" are enabled.
  4. Go to Admin Center > Company Settings > Password & Login Policy Settings. If both "Case Sensitive (recommended)" or "Mixed Case required" options are enabled, make sure the user is entering the username accordingly - with lowercase and uppercase characters.
  5. Go to Admin Center > System Properties > Password & Login Policy Settings. If "reset passwords by providing an email address" is not enabled, make sure that the user is NOT trying to enter their email address in the username field. (Unless their email address also happens to be their username).
  6. If "reset passwords by providing an email address" is enabled, and the user is trying to retrieve the password using their email address, then the issue may be duplicate records for this user with the same email address. When there are duplicate or multiple records using the same email address, the system is unable to determine which password to send, since many users/records have the same email address, and so will not send any email. This can be validating using the Check Tool -> User Information and running the Duplicate emails must not exist check. If a duplicate email is identified you can update by following steps below :
    • Go to admin tools > Employee Export > Export Users > save csv file to your desktop.
    • Search your file for the email address being used to retrieve the Forgot Password email. Repeat search and confirm if there is only one record with this email address.
    • If you find ANY other records for active or inactive users, then you will need to decide if you can change the email address the records that are currently sharing the same email address. Only when there is a single record with this email address will the 'Forgot Password By Email Address' email work.

    Troubleshooting Forgot Password Issues:

    1. Confirm the exact username and email address so you can perform your own test
    2. Change the email address on record to another email address (keep in mind that if you are using an email that is already in the user directory file then Forgot Password via email is not going to work for this test unless you change the email address in your main account).
    3. Use the Forgot Your Password feature. Enter the username and confirm that you get the email. Also perform the same test for Email Address if they can reset password by providing an email address. If you get the email(s), the feature is working when username or email address is entered correctly.
    4. NOTE! If the client in admin tools > Password Policy Settings has enabled "Forget Password feature will generate new Password for user" then your tests are also going to change the user's password, as a courtesy let the user know their password has changed.
    5. If you do not get any email, and have confirmed that based on all the settings above you should get an email, open an incident under LOD-SF-PLT documenting all your results and screenshots.

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