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  • Why are Email Notifications Missing the Senders Routing Comments?


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By default many email templates include the routing comments entered by the sender when being sent to the next step. These same comments are also stored by default in the audit history for the form. Note: if you wish to disable the saving of senders comments to the audit trial, see the solution "Do not store sender's comment on workflow action." It is possible however to customize specific email templates in a way so they don't include the comment even though the sender may add a comment when routing the form



1.To determine if the email template should include the routing comment go to:

  • Admin Center > Company Settings > E-Mail Notification Templates Settings
  • Select the template in question (Most likely Document Routing Notification)
  • Confirm the template includes the needed tag to include the routing comment DOC COMMENT
  • If this tag is missing and you want to include routing comments, then add the appropriate text and DOC COMMENT.
  • Note: This tag is only going work if you are using an email that would by default have a routing comment included when the email was generated. Example, Document Due Notification would never include this tag, as when that email is generated, no one has the ability to add a comment.

    Other Considerations: In Admin Center> Company System and Logo Settings > "Do not store sender's comment on workflow action". If this is enabled then any comments you enter when routing the form will be not stored in the audit history.


  • There are however situations where you may not want to store comments in the audit history/workflow action, but you do want them to be included in some, but not all emails, so removing DOC_COMMENT tag from just specific templates may be the solution that needs to be applied.
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You will need to remove the [DOC_COMMENT]] placeholder for all languages (and any other text that is not needed). You can select each language in the drop-down field and click on the “Switch to” button to change languages.

You can tell if they are not activated as when you swtich to the language, an alert will show: You do not have a template created for the selected language,this is the recommended English(U.S.) locale template.

If you do not have English (US) available in the drop-down list, please create a case and inform Customer Success that you need to have English (US) enabled temporarily so that the placeholder can also be removed for that language. English (US) can be disabled again as soon as the E-Mail Notification has been modified.


NOTE: Following are different scenarios when you will not have the option to include a comment in an email when routing a document.
1. When DOC_COMMENT has been removed from in the body of the email notification
2. When the specific notification for that action has been disabled in Admin Tools
3. When the recipient of the form is the same as the sender in the next step of the route map
4. When it is the last step before Completed
5. When there are no recipients



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