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2086753 - Manage Route Maps - Route Map List - Performance Management


  • How do I create a new route map?
  • How do I delete a route map?
  • Where do I edit existing route maps?
  • Can I update the route map for live forms?


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


  • From new Admin Tools go to Performance Management > Manage Route maps > Route Map List.
  • From here you will see your existing route maps as well as options to create new workflows.

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  •  To start from scratch go to Route Map List > Add New Route Map > and select either Build your Own or Choose from Library.

Designing Your Route Map

  • There is no one way to set up a route map, and every client will have their own unique needs, so please clearly map out your workflow needs, steps, roles, timelines and route logic on paper before building your route maps. Get input from all teams and leadership on what must happen and when, so that you develop the correct workflow before you launch any form to end users, as there are no guarantees that you will be able to make the required changes to live forms if you find later the workflow is not correct.

Route Map Preview

  • You can click on the magnifying glass to popup a preview of your route map steps without having to actually go into the route map.

Modifying Live Forms

  • Any changes you make via Manage Route maps will NOT apply to live forms. To make changes to live forms you will need to use the option Modify Form Route Map.

Activate Route Maps

  • Using the checkbox in the Active column you can disable a route map. If your route map is associated with any live processes you should not inactivate your route map. if you need to report on the route map workflow it is best not to inactivate your route map.

Related Route Maps

  • In the Related Templates column you can see how many templates are using each route map. You can click the number to popup the list of template names.

Delete Route Map

  • You can delete route maps you did not use or only used in testing. Click the trashcan icon to delete a route map. Do not delete a route map that has been used in any live processes. This is to prevent you breaking the connection between live forms, route logic and reporting tables.


Step Roles

The system supports 4 main types of steps in a route map. For information on all the User Role Codes you can use in our system please click here. (Eg. E EM EX etc.)

  1. Single User Role -  For example E or EM
  2. User Step Role - This is same as Single User Role but for a specfic person - more info on U Steps
  3. Iterative Step - Eg. I E EM (between Employee and Manager) - more info on interative steps
  4. Collaborative Step - Eg. C EM EH (collaborate between the manager and HR manager) - more info on collaborative steps

Recommendation: If you have used a route map in a previous cycle or for some existing forms then do not edit this route map and then use for new forms. This will cause conflicts in logic, especially in form management and reporting. Rather use Save-as option to create a new route map, edit this one, and attach this to your new form template.

     From within each step you have various options to customize the step. These include:


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