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  • When I try to route a group of documents I cant select all the forms in one go. When launched all the forms on the same day.


  • BizX Platform


  • Here are some of the reasons your forms may not be grouped.
  1. For the forms to be mass routed, they have to be mass launched. If the forms were launched individually, then they cannot be mass routed until they are re-grouped

    1. For example, I mass launched 20 forms, this means, I can mass route that 20 forms, but I individually launched them, I won't be able to mass route them.

  2. Forms were launched using different route maps.

  3. Between launches you edited the route map so some have different steps

  4. You forgot to select a route map in the form template before launching the forms. The template was associated with the default route map (selected 'NO ROUTE MAP' in template) while mass creating forms.

  5. Some forms had manager changes and you have the option to "Insert New Manager As Next Recipient if Not Already" enabled on your form template. This causes a new U step to be added which takes the forms out of the original group

  6. You routed some forms back out of completed or signature. This also adds new steps to the form and takes it out of the original group.

  7. The admin manually edited the route map via admin tools Modify Form Route Map. This action also takes them out of the group

  8. Employees or managers were manually creating the fomrs via their inbox Create Form button so they are not part of any group

  9. They are older forms created before B1207 so do not have a batch ID and can never be mass routed.

  10. Your form template was edited between launches. Only forms that have the exact same template can be grouped.

  11. Form Template IDs are different

  12. Route Map History ID is not the same


What Needs to Be the Same?

     Basically, your form templates and route maps for all forms need to be exactly the same to regroup them.

  • But to be more specific if any of the below fields in routing map contains different values for the forms, their route steps are different and they will not be able to be regrouped in batches.
    Localized Step Name
    Localized Step Description
    Localized Step Introduction & Mouseover text
    Localized Step Name After Completion
    Localized Exit Button Text
    Localized Step Exit Text
    Step id
    Step mode
    Start Date
    Exit Date
    Due Date
    Enforce start date
    Automatic send on due date
    Step Type
    Specific user for U step
    Role for single step
    Entry User for I step
    Exit User for I step
    Roles for I step
    Localized Iterative Button text for I step
    Exit User for C step
    Roles for C step
    Step order
    Step count
    Localized Step Name of Completed step
    Localized Step Introduction & Mouseover text of Complete step
    CC Roles Upon Completion
    Reject Button Mouseover Text


Re-Grouping Forms


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