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  • How do I regroup individual forms that were launched individually so I can mass route them all at once?
  • Forms that were once launched at same time are no longer in the group, why?


  • BizX - Performance Management


  • For the forms to be mass routed, they should be mass launched. If the forms were launched individually, then they cannot be mass routed until they are re-grouped. For example, I mass launched 20 forms, this means, I can mass route those 20 forms, but if I individually launched them, I won't be able to mass route them.


Mass Move Individual Forms

If forms cannot be regrouped then customers have these options:

  • Make each owner of the form responsible for moving their own form. It is the responsibility of the person who has the form to take action and route it.
  • Have administrators move forms via admin tools 1x1. On average 1 admin can route 100 forms an hour manually.


Tips To Prevent Forms From UnGrouping

  • In future cycles set up your route map with auto routing dates to automatically move forms to next step after a certain cut off date so that no manual work is required for anyone failing to move their forms.
  • Rather than have employees or managers create their own forms individually, consider if they can all be launched all at once by your administrator.
  • Admins should limit how many forms they manually modify, as this removed the form from the group.
  • Do not use the option "Automatically Insert New Manager As Next Recipient If Not Already". Not only is that option often not needed, it also removes the forms from groups when the new step is added.
  • Do not use User steps (U Steps) in the route map if possible as these will be treated as individual forms.
  • Forms routed back from signature or complated will no longer be part of a group.
  • Do NOT have support run any custom fixes to your forms (scripts) as this will break the group integrity and typically result in the entire group becoming individual forms.


Re-Grouping Forms

  •  You can route the forms individually or you can open a support ticket to request these be regrouped for mass routing. The information below also highlights the limitations of grouping forms. Forms can only belong to a group when they all meet the criteria below.
    Note: This is a custom request. As it is not standard supported functionality in admin tools and requires special actions from provisioning please set expectations for 1-2 week turnaround.


  • Will only work on forms that were created after B1207
  • The mass route option requires that all forms belong to a mass launch group or batch.
  • The mass merge form batches tool requires that all forms:
    • are based on the same form template
    • have exactly the same route map steps & information (more info below)
    • the route map history id is same.
  • Any forms not meeting that criteria cannot be regrouped and included in a mass route since they no longer have the same structure. You must move these 1x1. SuccessFactors will be unable to route these for you in any custom way.
    • This includes any forms that have had manager changes where you use "Insert New Manager as Next recipient" option as that inserts an additional U step
    • Any form routed back out of completed. These also will have an extra U step inserted
    • Any form your admin manually adds or removes a step


  • If your forms meet the above criteria then Customer Support can regroup the forms for you. Please open a support ticket to have your forms regroups. This typically only takes a few days, but please allow up to 2 weeks to complete. If you need this done sooner, please open your case and then use the standard escalation process.
  • Support will notify you once the forms have been regrouped and then you will be able to go to admin tools and mass route all the forms now belonging to the group.



  • You might notice more than 1 group created if forms had different route maps. Also, any forms not meeting the criteria will remain as individual forms and you will now need to manually route these 1x1. You can identify which step forms are at by using regular reporting tools for this.
  • Risks: There are no risks using this tool as it a standard provisioning feature. Its only impact is to add a batch ID to all forms that meet the above criteria.
  • We cannot select a specific template to merge. This will run for all forms.
  • For clients with extremely large numbers of forms, performance may be impacted while the process runs, therefore this is something that should only be run only when absolutely needed..
  • Consider asking for it to be run overnight. For clients with 10,000 users or less this is probably not something to worry about and can be run anytime without impact.

For instructions on using Mass Route please see our main solution: Performance Management: Routing - Mass Route a group of documents


Partners & Support Actions to Regroup Forms

  • To execute the grouping of forms for clients you need to create a scheduled quartz job via provisioning > company.

          Manage Scheduled Jobs -> Create New Job.  The job type is “Merge form batches job”.   

          Populate the Job Name and Job Owner fields

          Populate the “Job Occurrence & Notification” section => click on the <Create Job> button


  • Considerations: System will process all forms/templates.  You can’t select to merge a specific template. We do not feel that this would be problematic for any client scenarios as the group or batch is only used when and if an administrator wanted to process forms in bulk, therefore having this group generated will only be beneficial.

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What Needs to Be the Same?

  • Basically, your form templates and route maps for all forms need to be exactly the same to regroup them.
  • But to be more specific if any of the below fields in routing map contains different values for the forms, their route steps are different and they will not be able to be regrouped in batches.
    Localized Step Name
    Localized Step Description
    Localized Step Introduction & Mouseover text
    Localized Step Name After Completion
    Localized Exit Button Text
    Localized Step Exit Text
    Step id
    Step mode
    Start Date
    Exit Date
    Due Date
    Enforce start date
    Automatic send on due date
    Step Type
    Specific user for U step
    Role for single step
    Entry User for I step
    Exit User for I step
    Roles for I step
    Localized Iterative Button text for I step
    Exit User for C step
    Roles for C step
    Step order
    Step count
    Localized Step Name of Completed step
    Localized Step Introduction & Mouseover text of Complete step
    CC Roles Upon Completion
    Reject Button Mouseover Text


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